Student Printing

Information Technology Services
Policy Number: 
Monday, June 1, 2015
Last Revised: 
Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Student printing is available in several locations on the Mottman and Lacey Campuses: 

  • Computer classrooms
  • Some Labs
  • Library
  • Learning Resources Centers
  • Other locations (subject to change)

Students will be granted 25 free pages at the beginning of each quarter.  If they have an existing balance, the 25 pages will be added to that balance, if that balance does not exceed 75 pages.

The balance of students' accounts can never exceed 100 pages.

Once the free pages have been used, students will be charged a per-page rate for printing to cover the costs of paper, toner, and printer leasing and maintenance.  The per page rate will be reviewed annually and is subject to change.

Duplex Printing (two sided printing) will be charged at the same rate as a single page, and is highly encouraged.

No refunds will be issued for leftover balances.

Questions about student printing should be addressed to the IT Services Help Desk at 360-596-5544.


The purpose of the Student Printing Policy is help the College to provide a certain amount of free printing and to promote greater efficiency and environmental stewardship by monitoring and curbing excessive printing.

To Whom Does This Policy Apply: 

All Students who need to print on campus with the exception of Transitional Studies students.