College Publications Procedures

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College Administration
Thursday, March 6, 2014
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Thursday, July 19, 2018

College publications are managed by the Public Relations (PR) Office, which provides editorial and graphic design and production for all materials meeting the definition.  To request editorial, graphic, and/or production assistance for a project, the first step is to initiate a request through the Director of Strategic Communications.

Editorial, graphic, and/or production assistance for projects may be established following an initial meeting with the PR Office. Details, specifications, and any copy or graphics for publications should be provided at that time. 

The PR Office must be involved in the publication, writing, design, development, and must give final approval before a publication is printed or published electronically, with the goal of maintaining established college-wide graphic and editorial standards and messaging.

The PR office establishes layout templates; prepares artwork, photographs, and illustrations for printing; and designates typestyles, stock, ink color, etc. The publication creation is a collaborative venture between the college departments, offices, and programs that use the publications and public relations staff.  Lead time of four to eight weeks after initial meeting should be allowed for development and production of most publications. The PR office will work with the requesting department or office to establish a production timeline for each publication.  Timelines are dependent on the size and nature of the project, availability of necessary materials, production schedule of the college relations staff and production schedule of the state copy center, state or private printer.


College publications are defined as: printed and electronic pieces designed for off-campus and/or general student distribution, including catalogs and quarterly class schedules, program and departmental brochures, course fliers, handbooks, posters, postcards, college stationery, newsletters, mailer to promote workshops, seminars and special offering and informational admissions materials in print or available electronically through the college website.  Exclusions include: office forms, audio-visual materials, correspondence, and instructional or curriculum related materials.

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