Electronic Publishing Procedures

Procedure Section: 
College Administration
Thursday, March 6, 2014

The College website will be developed and maintained by the Public Relations office.

In consultation with the Public Relations office, individual administrative offices may build and maintain pages with the intent of linking them to a college webpage. Departments are encouraged to publish pages for course- and program-specific information for the purpose of having such pages linked to a college webpage.

Student pages are limited to pages of recognized clubs and organizations, and must be approved by the Dean of Student Life.

All page developers are required to periodically review the content of their pages to ensure maintenance of informational integrity, with respect to the accurate representation of the College’s mission, programs, and services.

The Public Relations office is responsible for the following:

1)      Developing page templates for use by all page developers.

2)      Advising and consulting with page authors regarding policy, style, and content (including links to other information).  The Public Relations office reserves the right to review for appropriateness & accuracy, and to request removal in consultation with the Homepage Development and Policy Task Force.

3)      In consultation with the task force and appropriate unit leaders, evaluating and proposing revisions to this policy.

4)      Maintaining the college web site and designated college-wide pages.

5)      Authorizing the creation of links from a college page to other pages.

The Public Relations office will also be responsible for developing and maintaining official college social media outlets and it is the responsibiliy of Public Relations staff to periodically review messaging and information on these sites in regards to above-mentioned goals for institutional integrity.  Only social media sites coordinated by the Public Relations department will be considered official messaging of South Puget Sound Community College.


The purpose of this procedure is to maintain informational and institutional integrity across all manners of web publications.

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