Gift Receipting and Grant Management

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College Administration
Thursday, March 6, 2014

Planned Giving Receipting

Planned giving instruments currently accepted at the discretion of the College are:

  • Bequests
  • Life insurance
  • Trusts
  • Gifts of property
  • Estate-related tools

Scholarship Funds

Guidelines for donors who wish to contribute scholarship funds are established by the College Foundation.  If any member of the College community is contacted about a prospective scholarship donation, the College Foundation should immediately be notified.  All private scholarship monies are received through the College Foundation and administered jointly by the College Foundation and Financial Aid Offices.

Grants Management

External resources are available through the application to outside, federal, state, and private granting sources.  All proposal ideas (regardless of department of origination) are subject to the College Grants Management Process, overseen by the Director of Grants.

  1. A completed Proposal Overview form (available from the College President’s Office) is required for any proposed grant, contract or special project application.
  2. All proposed projects will be evaluated by established criteria and will be either approved or denied by the college president after discussion with appropriate staff.
  3. The College President will not authorize submission of a completed proposal without a second president’s staff review. An External Funding Project Approval Form msut be completed and signed by the Chief Human Resources Officer, the Vice President for Instruction, the Vice President for Student Services, and the Vice President for Planning, Effectiveness, and Operations before a grant proposal will be authorized by the college President. Project proposers should allow approximately 40 working days from the projects inception to submission of a completed proposal.
  4. Project proposers are encouraged to contact the College President’s Office for Assistance in determining potential funding sources for special projects.  This will ensure that several offices or divisions are not applying to the same funding source for different activities, and proposers determine the best possible source for a particular activity.
  5. Budget development and proposal review to ensure that all established regulations and criteria have been addressed and are available from the vice president for administrative services office.  Editing assistance is available from the Office of College Relations.  The degree and extent of this assistance should be discussed prior to implementation of proposal development.




Planned giving is defined as gifts arranged by a donor during his or her lifetime, but whose principal benefits do not accrue to the College or Foundation until after the donor's death, or in the case of charitable trusts, after the death of the last income beneficiary named at the time the donor makes the gift.

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