Suggestion Box for Innovations

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College Administration
Wednesday, February 3, 2016
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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Fostering and Rewarding Innovation is one of the Core Themes for South Puget Sound Community College.  

Innovation is about creating or modifying existing processes, course materials, schedules, etc. to improve how SPSCC faculty, staff, students, and affiliates contribute to student success at SPSCC.

Faculty and Staff can submit their creative ideas here:

All submissions will be reviewed by the Executive Team and, if necessary, other resources from affected departments, to determine whether or not implementation is appropriate.

If the idea goes forward, the implementing department will notify the submitter(s) of the status.

If the idea is not adopted, the appropriate member of the Leadership Team will respond to the submitter(s).

Submissions can be presented by individuals or groups.  Ideas that result in successful implementation will be recognized at a year-end ceremony.


The purpose of this procedure is to invite faculty and staff to apply their creativity to suggest improvements to processes at the College to support student success.

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