College Success Course Procedure

Procedure Section: 
Tuesday, May 15, 2018
Last Revised: 
Friday, September 14, 2018

Phase 1: Beginning fall 2018, SPSCC will fully implement this policy for students (except Running Start students) who place into any of the following courses: Math 90, 94, 97, 101; Business 104; or English 90, 95,or 98.

Phase 2: Beginning fall 2019, SPSCC will fully implement this policy for all students, except those listed in the exemptions above.

Students are required to take the college success course in the first two quarters regardless of full time or part time status.

Students returning to SPSCC with fewer than 30 credits will be required to complete the college success course unless they previously completed the course with a passing grade.

Students who enroll in the college success course but do not pass the class on their first attempt must meet with a counselor to create a plan to succeed in the course. The student must then re-enroll in the class the next quarter, or a hold will be placed on their account for the subsequent quarter.

Students who fail to pass the course in two attempts must meet with the director of counseling and advising or designee to determine their ability to succeed at college. A plan for the student’s immediate enrollment future is at the discretion of the director for counseling and advising.


The college success course will prepare students with the knowledge and skills to navigate the college environment, succeed as college students, and choose an SPSCC Pathway.

The gradual phase-in allows time to develop training, a pool of qualified faculty, and a clear role in Pathways.

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