HS21 GED Placement

Procedure Section: 
Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Last Revised: 
Tuesday, March 19, 2019



New students and students returning after an absence of two or more quarters must complete a reading and math CASAS assessments to determine their placement level prior to registering for a High School 21+ (HS21) or GED course.


To place into HS21 or GED courses, a student must score at Advanced Basic Skills (ABE level 4) or above.


If a student does not place at Advanced Basic Skills (level 4) or above, the student may start working in ABE English, ABE math or ESL courses until eligible for HS21 or GED levels.


If a student was previously enrolled in a HS21 class but does not now place at Advanced Basic Skills (level 4), the student may request a review of their prior attendance and progress toward diploma completion. Success prior to previous program departure may be considered as one factor for direct reenrollment in a HS21 or GED course.


Please see additional placement guides: CASAS Score and level correlation, Official NG Cut-Scores, ABE level descriptions, HS21 Placement Guide

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