Purchasing Procedure for Computer Software, Hardware and Peripherals

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Information Technology Services
Wednesday, June 4, 2014
Last Revised: 
Tuesday, August 7, 2018


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Because of Accessible Technology laws and procedures, requests for any technology must be submitted with sufficient time to test and procure appropriate accessibility information PRIOR TO PURCHASE.  Please also see the Accessible Technology Procurement Procedures.

  1. Requestor submits a Help Desk Ticket to request IT-related product.  This includes all software, hardware, devices, web-based or other media-based technologies.  
  2. Technician will respond to the requestor within one business day from when the ticket is submitted.
  3. Technician will request a quote for the requested technology and send to the Requestor.  Time varies based upon vendor.
  4. Requestor will submit a PR using the attached quote.
  5. Receiving coordinates delivery with IT Services
  6. For hardware purchases, IT product is delivered to the agreed upon location.
  7. Technician handles any configuration or setup required/requested.  Within two business days based upon availability of customer contact.
  8. Installation Technician schedules an appointment with the Requestor to install or configure new product.
  • To ensure all purchases related to the college's computer network comply with applicable laws and policies.
  • To ensure compatibility with the current configurations within the computer network
  • To adequately satisfy the requestor's needs and expectations

Technologies that must be accessible: ALL computer hardware - laptops, desktops, devices, monitors, keyboards, mice, computer speakers, printers, phones, headsets, etc.  ALL software and web-based resources, ALL videos, etc.  ALL applications, whether purchased from a vendor or created in-house.



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