College Administration
College Publications Procedures (PRCADM202)
Distribution and Posting of Materials Procedures (PRCADM205)
Electronic Publishing Procedures (PRCADM206)
Gift Receipting and Grant Management (PRCADM210)
HIPAA - Procedures for the Protection of Private Healthcare Information (PRCADM6217)
In-Kind Gift Procedure (PRCADM213)
Media Relations Procedures (PRCADM214)
Payroll Deduction Gifts Procedure (PRCADM216)
Policy Development Procedures (PRCADM3705)
Procedure for Accepting Donated Art Work (PRCADM217)
Solicitation of Funds (PRCADM223)
SPSCC Naming Procedure (PRCADM224)
Human Resources
Background Checks (PRHMRS6450)
Grievance Procedure - Discrimination and Harassment (PRHMRS7077)
Reasonable Accommodation Procedure (PRHMRS5410)
Telework Procedure and Agreement (PRHMRS6819)
Title IX Supplemental Employee Disciplinary Hearing Procedure (PRHMRS7079)
Title IX Grievance Procedure (PRHMRS7078)
ABE Placement Procedure (PRINST6694)
College Success Course Procedure (PRINST6372)
Corporate and Continuing Education (PRINST456)
ESL Placement Procedure (PRINST6695)
HS21 GED Placement (PRINST6696)
Human Subjects (PRINST457)
Library Instruction and Information Resources Support (PRINST486)
Online and Hybrid course- quality review (PRINST6363)
Syllabus Procedure (PRINST5885)
Information Technology Services
Data Security Procedures, Computer System Security Requirements (PRITSV4702)
Data Security Procedures, Roles and Responsibilities (PRITSV4641)
Data Security Procedures, Security Breach Response (PRITSV4701)
Purchasing Procedure for Computer Software, Hardware and Peripherals (PRITSV392)
Web Printing (PRITSV4876)
Administrative Services
Bias and Behavioral Intervention Procedure (PRPEAO419)
Campus Fuel Program Procedure (PRPEAO416)
Campus Paper Documents Archive Procedure (PRPEAO58)
Campus Safety, Security, and Access Control Procedure (PRPEAO46)
Emergency Operations Plan Procedure (PRPEAO52)
Facility Work Request Procedure (PRPEAO56)
Financial Aid Procedure (PRPEAO207)
Financial Obligation Procedure (PRPEAO209)
Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Procedure (PRPEAO5535)
Sales of Goods and Services Procedure (PRPEAO264)
SPSCC Accident Prevention Program Procedure (PRPEAO50)
Student Services
Academic Honors Procedures (PRSTSV193)
Accommodated & Make-Up Exams Procedures (PRSTSV4622)
Accommodations for Students with Disabilities Procedures (PRSTSV196)
Admissions - International Students Procedures (PRSTSV195)
Advanced Placement Procedures (PRSTSV197)
Attendance Procedures (PRSTSV198)
CALE Procedures (PRSTSV204)
CLEP Examinations Procedures (PRSTSV201)
Course Audit Procedures (PRSTSV203)
Grade Point Average Procedures (PRSTSV211)
Graduation Procedures (PRSTSV212)
Intercollegiate Athletics Procedures (PRSTSV243)
Readmissions following Academic Dismissal Procedures (PRSTSV219)
Readmissions following Dismissal/Suspension Procedures (PRSTSV220)
Running Start Admissions Procedures (PRSTSV221)
Satisfactory Academic Standards Procedure (PRSTSV251)
Sex Offender Notification Procedures (PRSTSV222)
Transfer of Credit Procedures (PRSTSV226)
Tuition and Refund Procedures (PRSTSV227)
Underage Admissions Procedures (PRSTSV228)