Running Start Fee Waiver & Book Loan

Running Start students may apply for a fee waiver and book loan program if they meet the income criteria for the USDA WIC program. See Income Eligibility Guidelines. The waiver includes most but not all fees (i.e., private lesson fees excluded, etc.).

Deadlines: Apply for Fee Waiver and Book Loan prior to tuition due date to qualify. Failure to apply prior to the deadline may result in being dropped from classes and no books being available for loan.

Important Dates 2018-19

  Fall 2018 Winter 2019 Spring 2019
Fee Waiver & Book Loan application and acceptable documentation due to the college by 5:00 pm Aug 28 Dec 11 Mar 12
Approval/Denial for Book Loan Fee Waiver & Book Loan sent to student Sep 7 Dec 21 Mar 29
Fee waivers are typically processed within a few business days of submission. Book Loan notifications go out according to the schedule above. If the application and/or documentation is turned in after the deadline, the student must pay all owing fees/tuition on the account to remain enrolled in their courses. Students can be refunded 100% of the overpayment if the application and documentation is received no later than the close of business hours on the 10th day of the quarter. Refunds take a minimum of two weeks to process after fee waiver approval. To check on the status of a refund, contact the Business Office at 360-596-5246.
Applications turned in after after the 10th day of the quarter will be processed for the subsequent quarter and will be valid for the remainder of the academic year.

How to apply for a Fee Waiver

  1. Submit your signed and completed Running Start Enrollment Verification Form (RS EVF) to the One Stop in Building 22, or scan and email to prior to tuition due date.
    • Required signatures: 1) HS Counselor, 2) Parent/Guardian, and 3) Student.
    • Note: Fee waivers cannot be processed prior to the RS EVF submission.
  2. Submit the Fee Waiver & Book Loan Application (link below) each quarter, online, and prior to the tuition due date.
  3. Submit a copy of eligibility documentation (once per academic year) to the One Stop in Building 22, Olympia Campus (Building 1 at Lacey Campus), or scan and email it to Acceptable documentation is: 1) as current as possible, 2) shows student's name, and 3) is a clear scan or photograph. Applications will not be processed until one of the following is received:
    • Free/Reduced Lunch approval letter for the current or previous school year (preferred)
    • Recent approval letter for food stamps (BFET), TANF benefits, or documentation of the last 3 months of benefits
    • First page of most recent year's tax return (form 1040/1040a), showing list of dependents and total income
  4. You will receive email confirmation whether follow up is needed, or whether your request was successfully processed.

How to apply for a Book Loan

A student must qualify for the Fee Waiver per the process above in order to participate in book loan. Use the Fee Waiver & Book Loan Application (below). See timeline/deadlines above.

Each quarter, the college assesses incoming applications and purchases needed books based on available funding. Initially, each student will receive one book for loan from our Book Loan Library. Once each student has one book, the library can offer additional books to students. As of Fall 2018, the Running Start Book Loan program is co-managed with the SPSCC Library. Books are now distributed the week before classes begin and returned during finals week at the SPSCC Library Circulation Desk.

Participating students agree that:

  • Book loans are valid for ONE quarter. Books are due back to the SPSCC Library Circulation Desk by the last day of finals.
  • Failure to return a book by the due date to the correct location revokes the student’s right to request books for future quarters.
  • The program only loans reusable text books. Materials such as electronic key codes, workbooks, lab materials, etc are not available through this program.
  • Students must sign a contract that they will keep books in good condition and not mark, highlight, or alter loaned books.
  • The college strives to serve as many qualifying applicants as possible, but they cannot guarantee book availability.
  • Students should plan to secure funds for the expense of their books in the event that the Book Loan Library does not have the book(s) available for the quarter needed.
  • Students must be enrolled in courses for the upcoming quarter, waitlisted classes are not eligible for books until they’re officially registered. If the student changes courses after submitting the application, the library may or may not be able to accommodate.

Before you apply

Do you qualify? Is your documentation current? Is it not past the posted deadline?

Questions? Submissions? Contact

Running Start Fee Waiver & Book Loan Application Form