Scholarship Reception

November 14, 2017, 4:30 pm
Student Union Building Commons

A Celebration of Scholarships. This evening brings together scholarship recipients and the donors who support their scholarships to meet each other. In some cases, a business owner is introduced to a scholarship recipient who specializes in their area of expertise and will be a future employee, other times a family will meet a student whose scholarship is in the name of a loved one. These connections are priceless.

This inspiring night of community building with student speakers, connections, and photo opportunities is an evening to remember. Our goal is to decrease the financial barriers to our students. At the Foundation, 100% of each scholarship donation goes directly to a student, making a true impact on a student’s life. With the help and support of our community, we put significant funds right where needed the most — in the hands of SPSCC students!

2016 Scholarship Recipients

Ryan Patterson

Scholarship Recipient Profile: Ryan Patterson

After two years of working retail and almost going to college twice, Ryan found his way back to Olympia in order to find his passion at SPSCC. A motivated student—with an entrepreneurial spirit like his grandfather—Ryan is pursuing an Associate in Business direct transfer degree in Business and is now in his second year. He’s the recipi­ent of the Donald V. Rhodes Scholarship in Business Studies, a scholarship that came just as Ryan’s savings got tight and tuition costs seemed impossible. After he graduates next June, Ryan hopes to attend Saint Martin’s University to study Ac­counting, become a CPA, and pursue his dreams in business.