How are people influenced by society, and how is society created and shaped by people? How is culture made? Who is it made for? How do race, class, and gender affect the way we see the world? How can we observe and try to understand the world compared to our assumptions?

By studying Sociology, you will explore human interactions and social institutions, and examine the way people and groups relate to each other. You will develop valuable skills in research, critical thinking, project development, data analysis, communication, and cross-cultural understanding.

What’s different at SPSCC?

Professors invest in students and courses. Students value that their instructors are dedicated to innovation, both in and out of the classroom. Faculty members regularly review their courses for improvement, and also serve as student club advisors, publish textbooks, and speak at professional conferences.

Sociology and diversity come together. Sociology classes include many of the college’s diversity courses and serve as a foundation for many SPSCC Pathways. Students, clubs, and classes also work with the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Center to get extra experience in diversity and sociology both in theory and in action on campus.

Course material is inspired by real experiences. Three full-time and several part-time professors bring diverse interests to their courses, including research and teaching emphases in gender, race, globalization, social movements, food, social work, criminology, poverty, and social psychology.

Careers in Sociology

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