Contracts, Rules & Forms


South Puget Sound Federation of Teachers #4603 AFT/AFL-CIO Faculty Master Agreement 2015-2018 (Faculty CBA)
AFT Faculty - Union Contact Information

WFSE Higher Education Collective Bargaining Agreement 2017-2019 (Classified CBA)


South Puget Sound Community College Washington Administrative Code WAC 132X

Community and Technical Colleges Revised Code of Washington (RCW)

College Policies and Procedures

Nondiscrimination Policy and Discrimination Complaint/Grievance Procedures

Public Records Requests and Request Form

Telecommuting Guidelines & Procedures

Washington State Ethics Board

Washington State Whistleblower Program- Office of the State Auditor
WhistleBlower FAQ's                 WB Complaint Form

Seniority Lists

Classified Staff Seniority List

Faculty Reduction in Force (RIF) List

General Forms

Administrative/Exempt Position Description Form

Cellular Device Authorization and Agreement Form

Classified Position Description Form

Classified Job Listing

Classified Salary Schedule 2017-2018

Classified Position Review Request Guidelines

Classified Position Review Request, Employee - Employee completes

Classified Position Review Request, Supervisor - Supervisor completes

Employee Change Form

Employee Earnings History Directions

Incident Report   to be used by all employees, students or visitors to report an injury, work related exposure, or near miss incident. Submit forms to the Campus Security Office

New Employee Checklist for Supervisors

Notification of Outside Employment

Hiring & Recruitment Forms

AFT -Union Payroll Deduction Authorization form

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Emergency Contact Information

Employment Application- Word  Employment Application- PDF

IT Services New User Set Up Request Form
Submit directly to IT Services

New Hire Paperwork Instructions

Part Time Hourly Employees- Benefits and Associated Costs 2017-18

PAF (Personnel Action Form)*
* Position Justification (required for all full-time/permanent positions)

Retirement Plan Status Form

Screening Committee Confidentiality Agreement

Screening Committee Handbook

Volunteer Agreement Form & Procedure

W-4 Form 2018  Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate

Employee Evaluation Forms

Administrative/Exempt Performance Evaluation Form

Classified PDP Instructions

Classified Expectations (PDP)  - to be completed upon hire & when job duties change

Classified Evaluation - Performance Development Plan (PDP)

Classified Evaluation - Alternate Version (PDP)

Professional Development Forms & Resources

Employee Development Program Guidelines & Training Request Form

Employee Development Program- Summer 2018 Lacey Campus pricing list*
*The Employee Development Program at Lacey Campus is available to eligible SPSCC Employees only

SPSCC Employee Tuition & Fee Waiver

Professional Development Reimbursement Request Form

Public Service Loan Forgiveness- Employment Certification Form
* additional information can be found at

WFSE Scholarship Information- Available to all permanent classified employees


Faculty Timesheet

Part Time Hourly Time Sheet

Volunteer Timesheet

Leave Forms

Guidelines for Use of Leave by Faculty 2016-2017

Leave Request Form

Leave FAQs

Sabbatical Application – Administrative

Sabbatical Application – Faculty

Shared Leave Donation Request

Shared Leave Request Form

Shared Leave Medical Certificate
*Must accompany signed Doctor's Medical Certification

TLR Forms & Information

TLR Supervisory Guide

TLR User Guide for Full Time Employees

TLR User Guide for Hourly & Student Employees

Employee Separation Forms

Benefit Guide for Separating Employees

Separating Employees – Department Checklist

Employee Exit Survey

Benefits Information & Forms

Adjunct Faculty Quarterly Notice – Benefits Information

FMLA Request- Application Form

FMLA Notice of Eligibility-Rights & Responsibiities

FMLA Certification from Physician for Employee

FMLA Certification from Physician for Family Member

FMLA Certification- Serious Injury or Illness of Servicemember-Military Family Leave

FMLA Certification- Family Military Leave

FMLA Designation Notice (approved for leave)

Life Insurance Benefits – Enrollment, Dependents and Change Forms

State Board for Community and Technical Colleges Retirement Plan SBRP (TIAA-CREF) (Admin/Exempt/Faculty)

Voluntary Salary Reduction Agreement Form

Washington State Department of Retirement Services (DRS) (Classified Staff)

Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA)