Summer Hours & Holidays

Summer hours begin the Monday following Commencement in June and end the Friday before Labor Day in August.

Summer 2019 hours from Monday, June 17 to Friday, August 30, are:

  • Mottman Campus will be open to the public:
    Monday-Thursday 7:30 am-5:30 pm; Closed Friday.
  • Lacey Campus will be open to the public:
    Monday-Thursday 7:30 am-7:00 pm; Closed Friday
  1. What if the 4 day work week causes an extreme hardship, how can I request a change to my regular work schedule?

Alternate work schedules may be mutually agreed upon to meet business or employee needs. Employees may submit a request for alternate work schedules or accommodation to their direct supervisor and Human Resources. These cases will be evaluated on a case by case basis and every effort will be made to accommodate the request. Any alternate work schedule requests for classified staff will be accordance with the CBA Article 7.

  1. How do I report my new 4-10 schedule in the TLR?

You will create a new work schedule in the TLR to reflect your hours beginning June 17 and import those hours for the remainder of the summer through August 30, 2019.

  1. How do I submit leave time for the 10 hour days?

Leave should be requested and approved as usual. You are working 10 hours a day so the hours of leave and or work each day must add up to 10. Overtime eligible classified staff will use the TLR to report hours as usual.

  1. When a holiday lands on a work day during summer hours, what are my work hours for the week? (Fourth of July holiday)

This holiday occurs during the work week and will be considered a 10 hour holiday for payroll purposes.

For classified staff – the holiday is the employee’s regularly scheduled work shift. This is in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement Article 10.3 G.

For admin-exempt staff – the holiday is an 8 hour holiday, so the week should be adjusted to reflect 32 hours of work; if you wanted to work the correct number of hours with the 8 hour holiday, you will have to adjust your hours by two hours for that week to reflect the 32 hours.  Just remember that admin/exempt staff are exempt from the FLSA rules for work hours.

  1.  I work 4 - 10 hour days, when the holiday is on my scheduled day off, how do I schedule the rest of my week?

For classified staff– if the holiday lands on your scheduled day off, you get an alternative day off during that pay period: for example the July 4th holiday should be observed between July 1-15. For classified staff, this is in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement Article 10.3 H.

  1. How are meal and rest breaks scheduled while working 4-10’s?

For classified staff, please refer to CBA Article 7. Below are excerpts from the Agreement.

7.4       Overtime-Eligible Employees Unpaid Meal Periods

The Employer and the Union agree to unpaid meal periods that vary from and supersede the unpaid meal period requirements required by WAC 296-126-092. Unpaid  meal  periods  for employees  working  more  than  five  (5)  consecutive hours, if entitled, will be a minimum of thirty (30) minutes and will be scheduled as close to the middle of the work shift as possible, taking into account the Employer’s work requirements and the employee’s wishes.  Employees working three  (3)  or  more  hours  longer  than  a  normal  workday  will  be  allowed  an additional thirty (30) minute unpaid meal period.   When an employee’s unpaid meal period is interrupted by work duties, the employee will be allowed to resume his or her unpaid meal period following the interruption, if possible, to complete the unpaid meal period.   In the event an employee is unable to complete the unpaid meal period due to operational necessity, the employee will be entitled to compensation, which will be computed based on the actual number of minutes worked within the unpaid meal period.   Meal periods may not be used for late arrival  or  early  departure  from  work  and  meal  and  rest  periods  will  not  be combined.

7.5       Overtime-Eligible Employees Paid Meal Periods for Straight Shift Schedules The Employer and the Union agree to paid meal periods that vary from and supersede the paid meal period requirements of WAC 296-126-092.  Employees working straight shifts will not receive a paid meal period, but will be permitted to eat intermittently as time allows during their shifts while remaining on duty. Meal periods for employees on   straight shifts do not require relief from duty.

7.6       Overtime-Eligible Employees Rest Periods

The Employer and the Union agree to rest periods that vary from and supersede the rest periods required by WAC 296-126-092. Employees will be allowed rest periods of fifteen (15) minutes for each one half (1/2) shift of four (4) or more hours worked at or near the middle of each one half (1/2) shift of four (4) or more hours.  Rest periods do not require relief from duty.  Where the nature of the work allows  employees  to  take  intermittent  rest  periods  equivalent  to  fifteen  (15)minutes for each one half (1/2) shift, scheduled rest periods are not required.  Rest periods may not be used for late arrival or early departure from work and rest and meal periods will not be combined.

  1. Department office hours and work schedules will be determined by the department and approved by the manager or direct supervisor, keeping in mind the 40 hour workweek.

            Examples of possible 4-10 schedules:

  • 7:00-5:30, 30 minute lunch- M-Th
  • 6:30-5:00, 30 minute lunch- M-Th
  • 6:30-5:30, 1  hour  lunch-     M-Th
  • 7:30-6:00, 30 minute lunch- M-Th
  1. Are the Lacey Campus hours different from main campus hours?

Yes, Lacey campus hours are different for summer because they focus more on contract training. Their schedule is Monday through Thursday 7:30 am-7:00 pm and closed on Fridays.  

  1. Am I eligible for overtime pay if I work extra time beyond my daily work schedule?

Overtime-eligible employees who have prior approval and work more than forty (40) hours in a workweek will be compensated at the overtime rate.  Questions?  Contact HR at (360) 596-5500.