Time & Leave Reporting

Time & Leave Reporting (TLR) is an electronic time recording system that is designed to be used by both overtime eligible and overtime ineligible employees at SPSCC. Most Classified, Part-Time Hourly, and Student employees of SPSCC are overtime eligible and must record all hours worked on the TLR system. Administrators, Classified, Exempt, and Full-Time Faculty also use the TLR to report the leave they have taken.

How to Login to the TLR

This system is accessed like Employee Earnings History  by using your SID number and PIN to log into a secure site. The direct link to the TLR system is: https://tlr.spscc.edu You will enter your SID and PIN to login. If you need assistance with logging into the site, please call 360-596-5500.

Submission Dates

SPSCC requires TLR timesheets to be submitted twice a month; on the 15th and last working day of the month. If those days fall on a regular day off or weekend, you must submit your timesheet on your last working day prior to the due date. If you are unsure of the submission dates, please view the due date calendar posted below.

Late Submissions: Failure to submit a timesheet to your supervisor and/or to Payroll can cause a delay in receiving a pay check. Late timesheets that are not submitted by the deadlines will be processed and paid the following pay cycle.

Timesheet Status: If the status of the timesheet is “In Process” this means the timesheet has not been submitted to the supervisor and is still in process by the employee. If the status is “Awaiting Supervisor Approval” this means it is ready for the supervisors review, but has not been submitted to Payroll. After the supervisor approves and submits the timesheet, the status will again change to “Sent to Payroll”. The last phase is when the status changes to “Processed by Payroll”.   

Who Uses the TLR

Overtime eligible employees:
The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires records to be kept on total hours worked each day and each workweek for overtime eligible employees to determine when they are eligible to receive overtime compensation. Overtime-eligible employees who have prior approval and work more than forty (40) hours in a workweek will be compensated at the overtime rate. Employees who work unauthorized overtime hours may be subject to corrective action. By submitting your electronic timesheet you are certifying that the hours reported accurately reflects the hours you have worked and/or the leave you have taken.

Overtime exempt employees:
Overtime exempt employees are typically professional classified, faculty, or administrative/exempt staff. Overtime ineligible employees will not report all hours worked, but will use this system to report all leave taken. These types of employees will need to input their leave hours for each pay period they have leave transactions. This is required for all vacation, sick, personal holidays, and/or personal leave hours. By submitting your leave electronically, you are certifying that the information you have reported accurately reflects the hours you have taken leave.

Who is Responsible

The employee is responsible for correctly recording time worked/leave taken and submitting the record to their supervisor. The supervisor is responsible for reviewing the accuracy of information being reported and approving the time record to HR/Payroll. The HR/Payroll Office is responsible for processing the approved TLR record.

Employee: Primary responsibility for accurately recording time belongs to the individual employee. It is your responsibility to ensure that your time is recorded correctly, reflecting proper labor charges, vacation, time and absences, etc. It is also your responsibility to submit your timesheet by the due dates posted on the Payroll calendar located on the SPSCC Human Resource web page. By submitting your timesheet electronically, you are certifying that the timesheet accurately reflects how your time was spent during the week.

 Please remember to:

  • Record your time after it has been worked
  • Be accurate and precise in recording your hours
  • Follow procedures for completing time-keeping records and correcting errors
  • Submit your timesheet in the electronic timekeeping system by the due dates. (See the “Due Date” section for more information on due dates.)
  • Above all, if you are unsure about any aspect of your obligations, don’t guess . . . ASK!

Supervisor: Supervisors have a critical role on the TLR. The Primary Supervisor shares the responsibility for ensuring timesheet accuracy with the employee. Alternate Supervisors are listed as back approvers in the event the Primary Supervisor is unavailable. By submitting the timesheet electronically, the supervisor is certifying that the timesheet accurately reflects the number of hours the employee has worked.

  • Know where to find the budget code used to segregate time charges for their employee.
  • Train and ensure that all employees under their supervision understand proper time reporting procedures.
  • Maintain a workplace environment that encourages honesty and makes employees feel free to ask questions if they are not sure of proper time reporting procedures.
  • Review the timesheets to ensure all employees under their supervision have the proper budget code and the correct chain of command is listed for each work assignment.
  • Approve the timesheet by submitting it to Payroll which certifies that the timesheet accurately reflects the number of hours reported by the employee.

Who to Contact

Human Resources (ext. 5500):

  • TLR leave submissions reported by Administrative, Exempt, and Classified employees.
  • Compensatory time for Classified employees.
  • Answers questions related to leave (Such as: Vacation, Sick, Leave Without Pay, etc.) Some of your questions may be answered by review the information in the TLR User Guides, in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), or in the Faculty Agreement.

Payroll (ext. 5374):

  • TLR timesheets submitted by Part-Time Classified (Hourly) and Student employees.
  • TLR overtime pay for Classified, Part-Time Classified, and Student employees.
  • Pay submissions (Such as: Contracted Pay, Straight and Overtime Pay, etc.) Some of your questions may be answered by review the information in the TLR User Guides, in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), or in the Faculty Agreement.

Benefits (ext. 5433):

  • Processes shared leave requests, FMLA request, and L&I Claims.
  • Processes Sick Leave Buyout Payments
  • Answers questions related to other types of leave (Such as: Shared Leave, Family and Medical Leave (FMLA), and L&I claims for Work-Related Injuries)