Managing Printers

QBSI Managed Print Services

Frequently asked questions

  • Who do I contact to report a problem with my printer?
    Contact the SPSCC Help Desk
    Phone: (360) 596-5544
  • How do I get toner for my printer?
    If your printer is covered by QBSI the toner levels will be monitored. When a toner cartridge reaches 20% capacity, an alert is sent to QBSI to send a replacement cartridge. The cartridge is delivered to the Receiving department. When you are ready to replace the cartridge, contact the Help Desk to have it delivered to you. The user is responsible for installation.
    If your printer is not covered by QBSI, your department is responsible for purchasing toner.
  • How do I know if my printer is covered by the QBSI services?
    The printer will have a sticker on it with the QBSI ID number and contact information for the SPSCC Help Desk.
  • What if my printer does not have a QBSI sticker?
    The printer is NOT covered under the managed print service. Your department will be responsible for purchasing supplies, toner and repairs.
  • What should I do if Receiving does not receive a toner cartridge for my printer?
    Contact the SPSCC Help Desk to order the cartridge and to confirm that the printer is being monitored correctly.
  • What services/products are provided by the QBSI contract?
    Repair services (with 4-hour to next business day response)
    Preventive maintenance
    Maintenance kits
    Toner and waste toner cartridges (1-3 business days)
    Fusers and drums
    Printer replacement (after consultation with SPSCC)
  • What services/products are NOT provided by the QBSI contract?
    Toner installation
    Large format printer repair
    Inkjet printers
    Locally connected printers
  • Can I change my toner as soon as I get a new cartridge?
    We do not recommend changing the toner cartridge before it has been completely exhausted. If you change it before it reaches the 20% level, QBSI will not receive the alert to send the replacement cartridge.
  • What if I have a period of high volume printing and want to have an extra toner cartridge on hand to prevent running out of toner during this busy time?
    Contact the SPSCC Help Desk to request additional supplies.
  • How is my department billed for this service?
    The college will receive monthly billing statements with the page count for each printer and corresponding charges per page. The Accounts Payable office will provide each VP-level division a total cost for printers under that division’s area. Each division at its discretion will determine how each department will be charged.