South Sound Federation of Teachers

Union membership and contact information

South Sound Federation of Teachers
Local 4603, American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO
PO Box 7842, Olympia WA 98507

Union Membership: Membership is voluntary. Dues are 1.55%. All tenure/tenure-track faculty are required to pay a fair share for union representation. Individuals may opt-out of membership and receive a refund for non-contract related expenses annually. Adjunct/associate faculty are encouraged to join, but representation fees are not mandatory.

Union Membership Meetings: Third Friday of the Month, Noon-1:00 pm

Union Elections: December of every other odd year (next in 2017) for two-year terms beginning in January

Membership Votes:

  • Officer Elections
  • Contract Ratification
  • Issues related to wages, hours, and working conditions

All Faculty Votes:

  • Instructional Calendar


Annamary Fitzgerald, Transition Studies

Vice President
Chair, Grievance Committee
David McAvoy, Transition Studies/Math

Laura Moe-Genther, Dental

Anne Kelly-Glasoe, World Languages

Membership Coordinator
CJ Dosch, Humanities

Adjunct/Associate Representative
Sarah Tavis, Humanities

President Emeritus
Chair, Contract Negotiations Committee
David Hyde, Sociology


David Hyde (Sociology), Chair
Transfer Faculty Representative

Amy Warren (Office Tech)
Applied Technical Faculty Representative

David McAvoy (Pre-College Mathematics)
Adjunct Faculty Representative

Annamary Fitzgerald (Transition Studies)
Faculty at Large