Entry Codes for Prerequisites

If you are trying to register for a class that you have met the prerequisite via another college, high school transcript, test scores from another center or a previous SPSCC course then you can request an entry code from the Advising Center.

To receive an Entry Code, please fill out the Entry Code Request Form

You will need to attach any documentation necessary to show you have met the prerequisite (ex: If a course required English 101 completion and you took English 101 at another college, scan and attach a copy of your transcript from the college showing English 101 completion.)


If you have already submitted documentation to SPSCC (an official transfer of credit request, transcripts are already on file at Enrollment Services, etc.) or the prerequisite is being met by a course you took at SPSCC then you do not need to submit any further documentation. Please indicate in your form that your documentation is already on file.

We will respond to you in one to two business days with your entry code(s) upon verification of your documentation that you have met the prerequisite for the courses you have requested. You will be sent an email with your entry code(s) and instructions on how to register for your classes.

In Progress

If you are CURRENTLY enrolled in a prerequisite course at another college or high school, we cannot issue an entry code. However, if you complete a Registration Form and submit proof of current enrollment in the prerequisite class, you may email these documents to enroll@spscc.edu or turn in to the One-Stop for review (Building 22–Olympia Campus or Building 1–Lacey Campus).

After registration, you must submit an updated copy of your transcript once the final grade has been posted. Transcripts must be emailed to incomingtranscripts@spscc.edu or submitted in person to the One-Stop for evaluation.