Entry Codes for Prerequisites

What is an entry code?

An entry code is required when a student has completed the prerequisites for a course somewhere else. It does not allow you to skip over prerequisites. (A prerequisite is a course which needs to be completed before taking another course.) Entry codes are only available when web registration is open.

Do you need an entry code?

You may just need placement.

If the prerequisites are English or math, you may just need to update your placement. Usually it’s as simple as submitting your transcripts to assessment@spscc.edu. See the Placement and Transfer of Credit page to review all options.

You may need to submit your current schedule if your course is in progress at another school.

If you are currently taking a prerequisite at another college, please email enroll@spscc.edu for further assistance with in-progress placement. You are not eligible for an entry code at this time.

You may need instructor permission.

If the course you are trying to add has the PERM tag listed below it on the online schedule, you must email the instructor in order to enroll. You are not eligible for an entry code. 

Still need an entry code?

Note: Entry codes are only available when web registration is open. Complete the Entry Code Request Form and be sure to attach the documentation which shows you have completed the prerequisite in the form (e.g. transcripts).

You will receive your entry code within two business days once we have verified you have met the prerequisite(s) for the requested course.

You will receive an email at your SPSCC account with your entry code and instructions on how to register for the class.