Placement Testing

New Students: Take the CPT or the CLEP

College Placement Test (CPT)

The Accuplacer CPT is a computerized college placement test used to assess basic skills and measure skill levels in reading, English, and math. The College Board develops placement tests with help from college professors, and determines what skill levels are required for success in a college environment. The CPT also offers optional Algebra tests for a higher math placement. Results of this test will indicate the most appropriate level of course to enroll in. Low test scores will not keep anyone from enrolling or entering the college. However, low test scores may require that you take one or more quarters of basic skills classes before entering the program of your choice.

If a student has taken a placement test and would like to do some practice or studying without taking a lower level class, there is a diagnostic test available. The diagnostic is included in the $25 fee. For an additional $18.50 plus tax, a student can access MyFoundationLab (MFL). This is an individualized learning plan based on the results of the diagnostic. Students can go through 10 weeks of modules that will allow them to study the skills needed to improve the scores on the CPT.

Placement Testing is done on a walk-in basis. See the Assessment Center for hours and location information.

College Placement Test Prep

Attend a free test prep workshop to prepare for the math and English placement tests so that you start college on the right foot. Learn strategies to take the Accuplacer, discover effective test-taking strategies, and complete practice questions under the guidance of an expert tutor. Workshops are free and designed to help you save money by placing as high as possible. Ideal for students who have been away from the classroom for a while, or who want to brush up on skills before taking the test. See the Assessment Center for more information.

College Level Exam Program (CLEP)

The College Level Exam Program allows students to show proficiency in certain subject matter. We offer the online version of the CLEP exams, there are 34 tests available. College credits are awarded if you get a minimum score on the test. Please check with your institution to see what they will accept and what the minimum score is that they will accept.

The CLEP test is offered on a walk-in basis, during regular CPT testing times. The College Board charges $80 for the CLEP exam and the Assessment Center charges $35 for administering the test.