Beyond Campus

No matter where you are, we’ll meet you with resources and education opportunities for every learning level. Beyond our Olympia and Lacey campuses, SPSCC is embedded across Thurston County to fit your schedule, location, and lifestyle.

Yelm High School & Extension School

Work toward your degree from Yelm and surrounding areas. SPSCC offers college courses in the evenings at Yelm High School. You can also earn your high school diploma through the High School+ program, which provides free, on-site child care and evening classes at the Yelm Extension School. Visit the SPSCC is now in Yelm page for more information.

Online Classes

Take classes online to earn credit towards a degree, from home or on the go. SPSCC offers over one hundred online courses each quarter across most subject areas, including common prerequisite courses like English and math. Browse online classes in the Class Schedule.

Hybrid Classes & Programs

Hybrid classes are a combination of online and in-person instruction. These courses provide the best of both worlds, giving you flexibility to do coursework from anywhere and providing face-to-face help when needed. Browse hybrid classes in the Class Schedule.

Hybrid programs are degree or certificate programs that combine online and hybrid classes with limited classroom instruction, such as the Craft Brewing & Distilling program.

Tribal Reservations

Earn your high school diploma from local tribal reservations as an adult. SPSCC offers High School+, a high school completion program, on the Nisqually, Squaxin Island, and Skokomish reservations. Classes are open to all community members.

College in the High School

Earn college credit without leaving your high school. SPSCC provides nearly 40 College in the High School classes at high schools all over Thurston County. Check with your high school for more information on the classes that transfer to SPSCC. Compare college credit options for high schoolers.