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Looking for a school that wants to help you land a new job, learn a new skill, earn a degree, pursue exciting opportunities and interests — or even all of the above? Welcome to SPSCC. Attend one of our Admissions Sessions to get information on the enrollment process.


At SPSCC our learning environment combines small class sizes, engaging faculty and staff, and modern facilities. In 2016, we were listed as one of the nation’s 150 best community colleges by the Aspen Institute College Excellence Program.

We welcome a variety of students, from new college students to high school students, from veterans to workers seeking job transitions, from international students to local community members.


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Open door admissions

We have an open door admissions policy, so we accept anyone who may benefit from our programs, regardless of academic background. A few programs do have age requirements and special application processes.

Quality education

While our faculty members have high standards, they also value the diversity of their students’ learning styles and life experiences. SPSCC instructors provide supportive and receptive teaching environments, often in technologically “smart” classrooms. Our faculty-to-student ratio is 1:22, which means that each student receives more individual attention.

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Affordable classes

Community college classes give students a personalized education at a fraction of the cost of four-year and private universities. We’re committed to your success, and we’re ready to help you find education you can afford.

Award-winning teachers, staff, students

Our faculty, staff, administration, and students work together to create a learning environment that has won local, regional, and national awards.

What our students say

Browse a variety of student experiences, events, and programs at SPSCC.


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Appealing and accessible locations

The Mottman Road campus in Olympia is located on 93.5 acres, much of it surrounded by natural woodland beauty. The full-service Lacey campus is conveniently located in Lacey’s urban center. Plus, SPSCC offers hybrid online courses, so class is always close to you.

Commitment to diversity and accessibility

We want our campus to mirror the diversity of our surrounding communities. Our Diversity & Equity Center is a vibrant and vital part of our campus life, and we have accommodations for students with disabilities.

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Serving our community

We’re proud of our long history of serving and partnering with the community, beginning in the late 1950s.

Meet us

We have two campus locations to serve our community in the South Sound area of Washington State. Learn how to plan a visit, contact us, or meet our outreach staff to help you get started with your goals.