Pathway Selection Survey New Student Advising & Registration FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Before Registration
  1. How do I get started?

    You need to complete the Steps to Enroll before before you can register for classes.

  2. Who can I talk to about my Financial Aid questions?

    One Stop staff can answer most general financial aid questions. Hours and ways to contact the One Stop are listed on our hours page.

    For more in depth questions students are encouraged to meet with their assigned Financial Aid Advisor or request an in-person or virtual appointment with a Financial Aid Advisor.

  3. Where can I find my ctcLink ID and global PIN?

    Find your ctcLink ID in your acceptance email. You can also use the Find my ctcLink ID tool (login with ClipperID required).

    Your global PIN is your six-digit birthdate in the format: MMDDYY.

  4. How do I access my SPSCC email?

    You must activate your ClipperID in order to access your SPSCC email. Once you've activated your ClipperID, you can access your SPSCC email through mySPSCC.

    We recommend checking your SPSCC student email often, or forward it to your personal email account.

  5. What is the Pathway Selection Survey / NSAR and how do I get access?

    The Pathways Selection Survey (PaSS) and New Student Advising and Registration (NSAR) are required for new students. The PaSS guides you through a 6-question career assessment that will help you select your degree or certificate and pick a Pathway. The NSAR will introduce you to campus resources, your Support Network, and how to get registered for classes.

    If you've activated your student accounts, a link to access PaSS and NSAR will be sent to your SPSCC email three (3) weeks before New Student Registration begins. Please visit the New Student Registration page for more dates and details.

During Registration
  1. What can my Educational & Career Planner in the Advising, Career & Transfer Center (ACT Center) help me with?  

    Educational & Career Planners are available to: 

    • Guide you in picking classes
    • Explore careers and help you pick a program of study and pathway
    • Develop and approve a degree plan that meets your degree requirements
    • Discuss different degree options as they relate to your goals
    • Assist with planning your transfer to another college
    • Help you understand college policies

    If you are degree-seeking, your assigned Educational & Career Planner's contact information will show up on your Success Network in Compass within one day of your Pathway Selection Survey and NSAR being processed. 

  2. How can I meet with my Educational and Career Planner?

    You can schedule an appointment your assigned Educational and Career Planner through Compass in mySPSCC, or visiting during walk-in hours.  

  3. What classes should I take?

    For guidance on what classes to take we recommend meeting with an Educational and Career Planner quarterly! You can schedule an appointment your assigned Educational and Career Planner through Compass in mySPSCC, or visiting during walk-in hours.

  4. Do I need to take CCS 101 (College and Career Success)?

    Students are required to take CCS 101, SPSCC's college success course, in the first two quarters regardless of full time or part time status. Students returning to SPSCC with fewer than 30 credits will be required to complete the college success course unless they previously completed the course with a passing grade.

  5. Why can’t I register for this course?

    If you are attempting to register for course, and new student registration has already begun, we recommend checking out the following complications that most students encounter when attempting to register for classes.

    • Course prerequisite

      Before registering for a course check to see if the course has a course prerequisite. A prerequisite is a course which needs to be completed before taking another course. This will be noted in the class description.

    • Placement/Transcripts

      If the prerequisites are English or math, you may just need to update your placement. Usually it’s as simple as submitting your transcripts to See the Placement and Transfer of Credit page to review all options.

    • Entry Code

      An entry code is required when a student has completed the prerequisites for a course at another institution. It does not allow you to skip over prerequisites. A prerequisite is a course which needs to be completed before taking another course.

    • Class is full

      When a course reaches capacity or is in other words full, a student can register to be on the waitlist. The waitlist does not guarantee enrollment in the course. Waitlist is the opportunity for students to be enrolled in the course if a spot becomes available. 

    Still having issues? No worries, we are here to support! Email

  6. What is a Wait List? What do I do if the class I want has a Wait List?

    When a course reaches capacity (the class is full), the "Wait List" begins. This is an opportunity for students to be enrolled in the course if a spot becomes available. Students are placed on the Wait List in chronological order (first come, first served) and can be on a maximum of five Wait Lists at a time. SPSCC maintains a Wait List for many courses if they become full. If an opening occurs in a class, the student at the top of the Wait List will automatically be enrolled in that class

    We recommend enrolling in the course if the Wait List number is below four.

    The College will notify students through their SPSCC email only if enrolled in a class from the Wait List. It is the student’s responsibility to check their Wait List status on a daily basis.

After Registration
  1. How can I meet with my Educational and Career Planner?

    You can schedule an appointment your assigned Educational and Career Planner through Compass in mySPSCC, or visiting during walk-in hours

  2. What are the Advising walk-in hours?

    Walk-in advising hours are listed on our hours page. During open hours, check in at the Start Here desk located in Building 22 or using Zoom for virtual walk-ins.

  3. What is Compass?  

    Compass is a web-based advising tool which improves the way we support students at SPSCC. The support you'll need at SPSCC will change over time and be unique to your needs as you grow, learn and become more confident in your educational goals. The platform makes it easy for you to connect with your advisor and your faculty, whether about a particular course, an advising question, or a general concern. Compass enables you to connect with the network of SPSCC professionals that care about your success. You can access Compass through mySPSCC.

    1. Students use the Success Network page to schedule appointments with advising, financial aid, and faculty mentor.  
    2. Compass also allows faculty to raise flags on students to alert college staff to reach out and offer support to the student.  
    3. The Degree Planner function also allows students to build plans for their degree and submit it for approval. Approval of plans is required by your Educational & Career Planner or Faculty Mentor for it to be valid. 

  4. How do I schedule an appointment with someone on campus?  

    Use Compass to schedule an appointments:

    1. Go to 
      2. Click on mySPSCC (top right of website)
      3. Click on the grey button that says “Compass” (far left)
      4. Log in with your ClipperID
      5. Go to Your connections and find your assigned connections (Educational Planner, Financial Aid Advisor, Instructors, Faculty Mentors and more!)
      6. Click on the three dots to the right of their directory name 
      7. Click “Schedule” 
      8. Move forward with the scheduling prompts.   

    *if you would like to schedule with someone outside of your connections, please scroll to the bottom to find Your services, by department.  
    Select on the name of the department you would like to schedule you with.   
    You will then have the option to select through the team members of each department and find availability that best meets yours.  
    To view all departments or the most updated version of our Campus hours visit our Campus Hours.

  5. Where can I find my book list? 

    Students get their book list by visiting the SPSCC Bookstore website

  6. What are some Support Services that can help me?

    During your time at South Puget Sound Community College, it will benefit you to utilize both your Personal Support and Academic Support resources!

    Personal Support includes resources such as: Counseling Services, Access Services, Childcare & Parent Support, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Center, Financial Resource, Food, Housing, Basic Need and much more!

    Academic Support includes resources such as: Tutoring Services, Canvas & Compass Support, Online Learning Support, Advising, Career & Transfer Center, Assessment Center, Access Services, Transfer Planning and more!