Q-TOPIA Conference

Q-Topia Conference
Postponed to Fall 2020. Dates coming soon
South Puget Sound Community College



About the Conference

Hotel Info

The hotel that we have blocked rooms for this year is the Red Lion. We have blocked 80 Rooms for all schools to book for this year’s Q-topia 2020 Conference. The reference name for the conference is Q-Topia Conference 2020.

To book rooms please be sure to contact Donielle Vanderlip.

  • Hotel Direct: 360-252-0984 (my direct number) and reference Q-topia Conference 2020
  • Email: donielle.vanderlip@hotel-rl.com and make sure you note what college you are from

All schools must book your rooms NO LATER THAN March 16th. If you miss this deadline you are unfortunately on your own to find rooms with the red lion or with another hotel.

If you find yourself missing the deadline be sure to view other nearby hotels by clicking here

Program Agenda

May 8th

9am -11am – Check-in
11am-12pm – Welcome/Identity Project
12pm-1pm – Lunch &Greet with Keith Boykin
( Only 4 selected students with have the honor to have lunch with Keith Boykin)
1:00pm -2:00pm – Keynote – Keith Boykin
2:00pm -2:45pm – Identity Project Continued
3:00pm -4:00pm – Workshop Sessions #1 ( Past Histories)
4:15pm -5: 15pm – Workshop Sessions #2 ( Present Conversations)
5:30-6:30 – Dinner with Aerial & Drag Show

  • Dance Party
  • Documentary
  • Arts & Craft
    • Friendship Bracelets room/ Other craft projects
    • Coloring Books rook
    • Puzzles & Board Games

May 9th

8:00am – 9:00am – Breakfast
9:00am – 10:00am – Workshop Sessions #3 ( Present Conversations)
10:30am-12:00pm – Intentional Communities
12pm-1pm – Lunch &Greet with J Mase II
( Only 4 selected students with have the honor to have lunch with J Mase II)
1:00pm – 2:00pm Workshop Sessions #4 ( Future conversations)
2:15pm – 3:15pm Keynote J Mase II
3:30pm – 4:30pm Intentional Communities
4:30:pm – 5:00pm – Closing

Payment Info

Paying with a credit/debit/ or P-Card

If you are interested in paying online please free to click the pay online button at the top of the page.

Online Payment will be active until March 31st

Paying with a check

If you are a Washington State college or university or an organization and want to mail a check please email checks to the information below. Lastly, please attach your invoice with the check being sent.

ATTN: Quinton Neal
Assistant Director
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Center
South Puget Sound Community College Community College
2011 Mottman Road SW
Olympia, WA 98512

Check must be in my office no later than March 31st


If you are interested in presenting at the conference this year please be sure submit a proposal. Each presenter will get an $100 honorarium for their workshop. However, each presenter can only present three times with three different workshops. This year’s theme is “We are more than Queer: Past, Present, Future”. Proposals should align with the theme.

For Example:

QTPOC Rights movement-stonewall/internationally
Language used in the past
history of the flags
Role and history of Media
Dating and the spaces to connect
Queer Apps
Family dynamics and how it was navigated
Mental Health
Queer history
Being Queer in Age of Trump

  • ICE Laws advocacy
  • Police-knowing your rights
Hate Crimes- gender and sexuality
Navigating the family dynamics now -this includes redefining queer families are now
  • Adoption
  • Married couples etc.
Gender Literacy/Language
Navigating the workspace
Media and media literacy
Mental Health
Redefining families
Career/Family/ Relationships
Police Brutality

Nonetheless, if you have other ideas please submit them. Be sure click the proposal button at the top of the webpage.


Q-Topia is a two day conference that aims to honor. imagine, and build queer cultures and communities. It is an opportunity to draw inspiration from those involved in fighting queer liberation and creating queer cultures in the past and an invitation to envision-create-a Q-Topia future for everyone.


  • Building community through liberation and celebration of queer cultures.
  • Providing spaces for safety. healing and growth
  • Fostering inclusivity, including meaningful understanding of and respect for our differences.
  • Centering voices of queer and trans people of color.
  • Emphasizing difference as a catalyst for productivity, creativity, and collaboration.


Keith Boykin

Keith Boykin is a CNN political commentator, New York Times best-selling author, and a former White House aide to President Bill Clinton. Keith teaches at the Institute for Research in African-American Studies at Columbia University in New York and previously taught at American University in Washington, D.C. He is a co-founder and first board president of the National Black Justice Coalition.

Keith BoykinA graduate of Dartmouth College and Harvard Law School, Keith is a Lambda Literary Award-winning author of four books.

He was a co-host of the BET Networks talk show “My Two Cents,” starred on the Showtime reality television series “American Candidate,” was an associate producer of the film “Dirty Laundry,” and he has appeared on many other TV shows, including BET’s “Being Mary Jane.”

Born in St. Louis, he has lived in 12 cities and visited 48 of the 50 United States. Keith has traveled the world, and is currently writing new books, including one about his travels to Cuba.

He lives in New York City.

J Mase III

J Mase III is a Black/trans/queer poet & educator based in Seattle, by way of Philly. He is the author of “If I Should Die Under the Knife, Tell my Kidney I was the Fiercest Poet Around”, as well as “And Then I Got Fired: One Transqueer’s Reflections on Grief, Unemployment, and Inappropriate Jokes about Death”.

J Mase IIIAs an educator, J Mase has worked with thousands of community members in the US, the UK, and Canada on the needs of LGBTQIA youth and adults in spaces such as K-12 schools, universities, faith communities, and restricted care facilities among others.

He is the founder of awQward, the first ever trans and queer people of color specific talent agency. Currently, he is co-editing The #BlackTransPrayerBook with awQward artist Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi.

As a performer, he has shared stages with world renowned artists like Chuck D and the Indigo Girls. His work and musings have been featured on MSNBC, NBC OUT, Essence Live, Atlanta Black Star, GO Magazine, Believe Out Loud, Everyday Feminism, Black Girl Dangerous, Upworthy, the New York Times, Buzzfeed, the Root, the Huffington Post and more.

Conference Prices

Early Registration:

  • $100 College Advisors
  • $85 Students
  • $90 Community Members

Late Registration:

  • $125 Advisors
  • $100 Students
  • $100 Community Members