DEIC Peer Mentors

Peer mentor program

Peer mentors reach out to welcome new students and plan events and activities for the SPSCC community. They help maintain a positive and inclusive atmosphere in the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Center (DEIC).


Why would you want a mentor?

With a mentor, you’ll have that extra ear and heart to hear out your fears and concerns as you journey through school, life, and beyond. Being involved with a mentor has significantly proven to deepen a student’s relationship with their college community, build social confidence and involvement, and strengthen academic success. You can expect a world of opportunities to learn more about yourself and others through a mentor program, due to a mentor's dedication and passion for engaging other students in meaningful conversations and cultural events.

A mentor can:

  • Help you navigate your way through the college system and services.
  • Expose you to communities and opportunities that help you get more involved.
  • Introduce you to new ideas and skills to be a competent leader in the community.
  • Share their experience and knowledge that helped them be successful as well as teach tips on how to rebound from setbacks.
  • Encourage, motivate, and inspire you to not only survive but to thrive.
  • Meet with you on or off campus on a regular basis, helping you to meet your educational or career goals.
  • Help you feel supported and connected while working toward your goals.

Meet our mentors:

Souleymane Dembele

Souleymane Dembele
Peer Mentor

Vanessa Enendu

Vanessa Enendu
Peer Mentor

Tanya Molinar, Peer Mentor
Amanda Sides, Peer Mentor