Clipper Mascot

What’s a Clipper, anyway?

clipper ship A clipper is a fast-sailing ship from the mid-1800s that made rapid delivery of goods across the ocean possible. As the southern-most port city in the Puget Sound, Olympia has always leveraged the local salt waters to stay connected to the rest of the world.

The College selected its current mascot, the Clipper, in 1982 by student vote. The Clipper replaced the Turtle mascot of SPSCC's predecessor, Olympia Technical Community College. More about SPSCC history »

sail and prevail clipper ship

Sail and Prevail!

SPSCC has embraced the Clipper mascot throughout the years with fun characters like "Captain Clipper".

Today, we welcome you to Sail and Prevail on your voyage to a brighter future at SPSCC. Just like a clipper ship.

Sail: move smoothly and rapidly in a confident manner. (verb)
Prevail: prove more powerful than opposing forces; be victorious. (verb)

Other places you’ll hear “Clipper”

Clipper Athletics — four SPSCC sports teams (and their awesome fans) make up Clipper Athletics: Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Men’s Soccer, and Women’s Volleyball.

The Clipper Nation — sometimes used to refer to the student body or the entire SPSCC community, #TheClipperNation is the official hashtag of Clipper Athletics.

The Clipper Scramble — an annual fundraising golf event organized by the SPSCC Foundation.

Victoria Clipper Ferry — completely unrelated to SPSCC, the Victoria Clipper Ferry makes quick daily trips through the Puget Sound from Seattle to Victoria, British Columbia.

LA Clippers — also unrelated to SPSCC, the Los Angeles-based NBA team uses hashtag #ClipperNation on social media (not to be confused with athletics’ #TheClipperNation).