Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Center

Visit us in-person or virtually for questions about the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Center!

In-Person: Monday - Thursday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Virtual: Tuesdays 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and Wednesdays 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Center Zoom Room
Phone & Email: 360-596-5323 | deic@spscc.edu

A. Barbara Clarkson Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Center

All students are welcome. When you visit the DEIC, you’ll engage with a diverse group, be part of an inclusive culture, and get support for your own educational goals and development.

The A. Barbara Clarkson Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Center (DEIC) is committed to supporting the college mission to advance equity and embrace diversity.

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Equity Programs

IGNITE helps students who are low income, students of color, students with a disability, and students whose parents did not go to college, by offering a community and support services to get through college and graduate. Learn more & apply >

The Black Scholars Program helps Black and African American students get through college and graduate by offering mentorship, community, and support services tailored to unique needs around racial identity. Learn more & apply >

Podcast: The Unheard Outsider

Come on in here! The Unheard Outsider is a space that invites uncomfortable conversations surrounding higher education and social justice. With weekly episodes on Wednesday, tune in on PodBean and join the conversation.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion workshops and discussions let you can expand your perspective and share your experiences at the DEIC and StudentLIFE events.

2021 LGBTQ Workshop Series


Staff & Faculty can request a DEIC Workshop for their class or staff.


SPSCC students have access to several annual conferences to share and connect with students like themselves.

Black, Educated & Truth (BEAT) - An experience designed to create a brave space for black identifying students and students of color, to come together and share their struggles that come with living in a predominantly white area. Learn more >

FIRE Summit - A daylong experience designed to ignite Native youth, giving them a place to start dreaming while exploring their future academic possibilities. Learn more >

Students of Color Conference (SOCC) - Held in Yakima, WA, SOCC offers educational workshops designed to help students lead in a diverse community. Learn more >
Safe Zone Program

Safe Zones provide a safe space or refuge where campus community members can turn when their safety is immediately threatened, and/or they are experiencing bigotry of any kind.

For questions in getting started email: qneal1@spscc.edu


Administrative Staff

Parfait Bassalé - Executive Diversity Officer

Quinton Neal - Assistant Director of the A. Barbara Clarkson, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Center

Amita Chakravarty - Educational & Career Planner of IGNITE & Black Scholars Program

Grace Ramos-Cartagena - Executive Assistant, Office of Diversity & Equity

Peer Mentors & Office Assistants

Ignite & Black Scholar Peer Mentors

  • Tracy Abesamis – Peer Mentor
  • Jannina Cavero – Peer Mentor
  • Damien Homiak – Peer Mentor
  • Morgan Lamont – Peer Mentor
  • Martin Mendoza – Peer Mentor
  • Whitney Myette – Peer Mentor
  • Daphne Rasche – Peer Mentor
  • Joel Rodriguez – Peer Mentor

Office Assistants

  • Evan “EJ” Frazier - Student Worker
  • Giovanna Solomon - Student Worker
  • Honey Let Padasdao - Student Worker
Job Opportunities


Questions about the DEIC positions or the application process should be directed to Quinton Neal 360-596-5324, qneal1@spscc.edu



The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Center will:

  • Be a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion.
  • Provide expertise and leadership on diversity and inclusion related matters; for example, engagement, retention, and learning.
  • Lead College-wide programming efforts, resulting in a collaborative and inclusive vision of diversity and inclusion.
  • Identify strategies to enhance and nurture the compositional diversity profile and inclusive experience of students, faculty, and staff.
  • Provide resources and direction for infusing diversity into the curriculum.
  • Strategically design and implement the Center’s programs to increase student retention and completion.