Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Center


The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Center (DEIC) is committed to support the college mission to advance equity and embrace diversity.

The staff at the DEIC will lead efforts that foster engagement between diverse groups, nurture a culture of inclusion and individual development, and intentionally support our student’s educational success.


The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Center will:

  • Be a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion.
  • Provide expertise and leadership on diversity and inclusion related matters; for example, engagement, retention, and learning.
  • Lead College-wide programming efforts, resulting in a collaborative and inclusive vision of diversity and inclusion.
  • Identify strategies to enhance and nurture the compositional diversity profile and inclusive experience of students, faculty, and staff.
  • Provide resources and direction for infusing diversity into the curriculum.
  • Strategically design and implement the Center’s programs to increase student retention and completion.
Staff & Students

Parfait Bassale, Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Center
Quinton Neal, Program Coordinator, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Center
Christina Santos, Educational Planner, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Center

Landon Grey, Student Worker, DEIC
Shanayla Williams, Student Worker, DEIC
Eliab Cortes, Student Worker, DEIC

Peer Mentor Program

The Clipper Crew is a peer mentor/peer outreach program where mentors reach out to welcome new students. In addition to planning events and activities for the SPSCC community, the Clipper Crew keeps the DEIC open and maintains its positive and inclusive atmosphere.

Peer Mentors:
Francisco Tamayo, Peer Mentor, DEIC
Leslie Vazquez, Peer Mentor, DEIC
Savannah Oloi, Peer Mentor, DEIC
Austin Escalera, Peer Mentor, DEIC