SPSCC Food Pantry


Located adjacent to the bookstore in the Student Union Building, the SPSCC Food Pantry provides food to students weekly:

Tue, Wed, Thu 12:00-4:00 pm

The SPSCC Food Pantry is closed during Advising Days, quarterly breaks, holidays, Finals Weeks, and any time the college is officially closed.

Donate via SPSCC Foundation

The food pantry is a partnership between SPSCC Student Leadership, the SPSCC Foundation, and Thurston County Food Bank. Hygiene kits will be provided in partnership with the YWCA, and free children's books will be provided in partnership with the South Sound Reading Foundation.

Food Pantry FAQs

Who can use the food pantry?

Students, faculty, staff, and any members of our community; no one will be turned away who is in need of food.

How and where can we donate to the food pantry?

SPSCC is currently a distribution site, and donations can be made at the Thurston County Food Bank or on campus in the Thurston County Food Bank blue bins available in Buildings 34 and 35. There are other drop-off locations in the Thurston County area.

Donations can be made online via the SPSCC Foundation. The Foundation can direct actual donations to the program account.


How many times can someone visit the food pantry per week?

Different types of visits can be made to the food pantry:

  • Full Visits: Full visits include non-perishable goods, frozen meat, eggs, breads and pastries, and fresh produce. Each visitor is allowed 15 full visits a year (July–July) from any Thurston County Food Bank Satellite.
  • Partial Visits: Partial visits include produce, protein, dairy, bread, and pastries. Partial visits are limited to 10 visits (in addition to the 15 full visits).
  • Supplemental Visits: Supplemental visits include only bread, pastry, and produce. Visitors are free to take as much of these items as they can use. Supplemental visits are limited to once per week.
Does the food pantry offer anything else besides food?

Yes, the Food Pantry offers hygiene packs, children’s books, toiletries, and warm clothing items.

Do I need to provide my name?

At check-in, we do require a name be submitted on the form for data purposes only. If a person prefers more anonymity, an alternate name can be used. However, that name must be used consistently at each visit; we need a name so we can make sure that we are equally giving everyone an opportunity to use the food pantry. If you are an SPSCC student, we would also want to see your Student ID, to see how many students we are serving.

How does the food pantry get its items?

The SPSCC Food Pantry receives items from the Thurston County Food Bank. We are one out of 17 satellite pantries getting items from them. We receive hygiene packets from The Other Bank (YWCA). We also get children’s books from the South Sound Reading Foundation.

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