IGNITE Application

The IGNITE Program is designed to help students succeed in college and requires a strong commitment from students to be truly effective. Each IGNITE student’s performance impacts the entire program, and students agree to act responsibly and be accountable for attaining educational goals.

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Select all that apply.
If you are an incoming high school student, please upload your unofficial academic transcript.
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Please upload your personal statement describing how you would benefit from IGNITE.
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Rights & Responsibilities:
As part of my personal contribution, I intend to actively participate in IGNITE components and services.  I will comply with all regulations of IGNITE, and I am fully aware that failure to comply could result in dismissal from the program.

  • I authorize SPSCC IGNITE staff to gather information regarding my academic progress (standardized test scores, GPAs, earned credit, transcripts, etc.) and financial aid status during my participation in IGNITE.  Furthermore, I authorize the program staff to obtain and hold records or data pertinent to my eligibility and participation from other sources as needed. The IGNITE program staff also have my permission to communicate verbally or otherwise with college staff, faculty and/or off-campus professionals on my behalf. 
  • I grant permission for IGNITE to gather information for follow-up whenever appropriate, including transfer information and progress at other institutions.  
  • I am aware that the information provided to IGNITE will be protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.  No one will have access to the information unless they work with or for the IGNITE program or are specifically authorized to see the information. 
  • I understand that any incorrect information on this application may affect my eligibility to receive services from the IGNITE Program.  
  • I agree to allow my name and/or picture and/or replication of work to be used in any publication as deemed appropriate by the IGNITE Program staff.
I agree to the Rights & Responsibilities above.

Program Expectations:
While the IGNITE Program is designed to help students succeed in college, it takes a strong commitment on the part of the student to be truly effective. Each IGNITE student’s individual performance impacts the entire program; therefore, each IGNITE student must agree to act responsibly and to be accountable for attainment of educational goals.

  • I agree to attend IGNITE orientations quarterly.
  • I agree to meet with my IGNITE educational planner at least once each quarter.
  • I agree to meet with my financial advisor at least twice each year.
  • I agree to check-in or meet with my peer mentor as requested during each quarter.
  • I agree to establish a student success plan with my IGNITE educational planner and to uphold it.
  • I agree to attend all enrolled classes on time and to complete all tests and assignments.
  • I agree to notify my instructors of any absences and to make up any missed assignments as soon as possible.
  • I agree to attend two (2) DEIC events each quarter: 1 Academic or Life skill and 1 Diversity, Leadership Institute. If there is a conflict in my schedule, I agree to volunteer two (2) hours of my time for events on campus such as The Experience, Fire Summit, Q-Topia, BEAT, IGNITE Tabling, Student Life.
  • If my quarterly GPA falls below a 3.0 average, I understand that my IGNITE educational planner may arrange for extra academic support to help me be successful. If my quarterly GPA falls under 2.0, I understand I will be put on academic probation.
  • I agree to actively participate on Compass and Canvas online tools to schedule and communicate with IGNITE and SPSCC staff.
  • I understand the importance of discussing adding/dropping courses with my financial aid counselor and my IGNITE educational planner before doing so.
  • I agree to attend the annual IGNITE Banquet to celebrate and honor my own success and that of my peers.

Violation Policy:

  1. Failure to uphold these expectations the first time will result in a probation.
  2. Failure to uphold the expectations the second time will result in your dismissal from the program for one quarter.
  3. Failure to uphold the expectations a third time will result in permanent dismissal from the program.
I agree to the Program Expectations above.
During mandatory quarterly orientations, we provide child care through the Early Learning Center for parents with young children (ages 0-5). Do you need child care assistance?
Please complete an Emergency Information Form provided by the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Center for each child needing care one week before orientation. List Child Name and Birth Date for each child below:
What is your T-shirt size?
By entering my name below, I give full permission to the IGNITE Program at SPSCC to review my financial and academic records including, but not limited to, my FAFSA and WAFSA applications, test scores and transcripts. This information will be used to determine my eligibility to participate in the program. The program may also access pertinent records related to my attendance/graduation at another university or high school as may be required for federal reporting purposes.