Peer Mentors

Job Description

The Diversity and Equity & Inclusion Center (DEIC) peer mentor is a student staff member who provides support and leadership for SPSCC students associated with the DEIC. The IGNITE peer mentor's primary role is one that focuses on student success by providing the engagement, leadership, guidance, and mentorship necessary to support mentees towards their academic success. Mentors utilize existing SPSCC resources to empower mentees to take control of their educational experience and ultimately achieve their academic goals. DEIC peer mentorship is a Fall–Spring quarter program.


For consideration, candidates must possess the following qualifications:

  • Must be an IGNITE student
  • Maintain a minimum (quarterly) grade point average of 2.8 cumulative
  • Second year (minimum 45 credit hours completed) students are preferred, but other qualified applicants will be considered
  • Must be a current student at SPSCC
  • Must value attention to details
  • Must have strong interpersonal skills
  • Must have a thorough knowledge of SPSCC resources and pathways
  • Be self-motivated
  • Be aware & passionate about helping others and solving problems
  • Comfortable speaking publicly
  • Must be interested in growing as a leader
  • Must have clerical experience (ex: writing, organized, typing, time management, problem solving)


DEIC Peer Mentors will have the following responsibilities:

  • Must be available to attend Peer Mentor Orientation during first week of fall quarter
  • Coordinate one (on campus or off campus) social activity per quarter for mentees
  • Maintain list of mentees and check-in with students bi-weekly per the following timeline:
    • Week 1: Checking in on registration and beginning of quarter
    • Week 3: Check on class progress and need for early support (tutoring, etc.)
    • Week 5: Check on course progression before mid-terms and need for support
    • Week 7: Check on registration for next quarter / steer students toward advisor
    • Week 9: Check in before finals
    • Week 11: End of quarter reflection / celebration / goal setting
  • Keep Tracking spreadsheet up-to-date
  • Foster within the DEIC space the
  • BE THE BRIDGE Philosophy
  • Uphold community rules
  • Help students become familiar with college resources and direct mentees towards appropriate college resources, as the need arises.
  • Must develop and facilitate one quarterly, student led program with other peer mentors / student workers (movies, ted-talks, discussions, etc.)
  • Maintain 15 office hours per week (post office hours inside the DEIC/Outlook calendar and provide availability information to mentees via email)
  • Be available for formal and informal interactions with both mentees and visitors of the DEIC
  • Attend all meetings with DEIC or Student Services staff as required
  • Be available, willing and able to present about the IGNITE program in classes and at the center
  • Table three times a quarter to promote IGNITE and DEIC services
  • Closing shifts are required to tidy up and clean the center
  • Stay current about community resources for student


Peer mentors receive an hourly wage of $12.00 per hour and work 15 hours a week. Demands on a peer mentor's time are many. After academics, the mentor position takes next priority; therefore, mentors are asked to consider potential conflicts with additional employment and consult with DEIC staff regarding work/life balance.

Application Process

Please submit the Peer Mentor Application, including uploading a resume and reference letter.

Following the review of all applications, interviews will be scheduled with selected applicants who meet the qualifications. Interviews will last no more than 30-45 minutes. Please monitor your email in regard to your application materials.


Questions about the peer mentor position or the application process should be directed to: Parfait Bassale, 360-596-5356,