Services & Activities Fees

What are Services and Activities (S&A) Fees?

Services and Activities Fees are collected as part of the tuition paid for by all students at South Puget Sound Community College.

Services and Activities fees are used exclusively to fund resources, functions, services, activities, and programs that directly benefit the entire student body.

Programs such as Student Senate, the Campus Activity Board, Percival Review, Clipper Athletics, International and DEIC Peer Mentors, over 40 on-campus student jobs, student clubs, and many other student services are made possible through S&A fees.

Who Can Be Funded through S&A fees?

Student clubs and S&A departments are funded through S&A fees provided they create ways to involve and connect students to resources, support services, leadership development opportunities, student governance, on campus employment, and campus organizations.

More information on permissible use of funds and limitations can be found in the Financial Code of the Associate Student Body.

Who Can Apply for Funding?

S&A funding is available for student clubs and organizations that are recognized by the Associate Student Body Senate, college departments and offices that support student success, and personnel directly related to the overall operation of student funded programs and initiatives.

How are the S&A Fees Determined?

S&A fees are determined by enrollment projections for the following academic year. Based on this information, fees can increase, as permitted by the Washington Administrative Code; or can be left at the current amount.

Who are the S&A Fee Budget Committee?

The S&A Fee Budget Committee comprised of seven students and advisors. Committee recruitment and appointments are determined by the ASB President and ASB Vice President of Finance. Any SPSCC student enrolled full time is eligible to serve on this volunteer committee provided they have satisfactory academic standing and represent the diverse interests of the student body.

The committee is chaired by the ASB Vice President of Finance and advised by the Dean of Student Engagement & Retention (or designee) who serves as a non-voting member in an advisory capacity.

How Does One Submit an S&A Fee Budget Proposal or Request?

S&A Fee Budget requests can be submitted by any member of the college community. Proposals/requests must be submitted electronically to the Office of Student Life Fiscal Specialist 1 no later than 5:00pm on Friday, January 13, 2023. Late request will not be accepted due to the S&A Fee Budget Committee timeline.

As S&A Fees are allocated for the sole purpose of supporting student activities and programs, requests that do not meet the basic standards of permissible uses will be disqualified.

More information on permissible use of funds and limitations can be found in the Financial Code of the Associate Student Body.

S & A Fee Expense Report

The following is published in accordance with RCW 28B.15.045: "Annually, by September 30th, the services and activities fees committee at each institution of higher education, in coordination with the administration of the institution of higher education, shall post services and activities fees expenditure information for the prior academic year on the college or university web site so that the information is clearly visible and easily accessible to students and the public."

2021-22 S & A Expense Report
Administrative $409,194.92
Campus Life $150,315.46
Student Senate $49,153.74
Student Services $35,155.23
Student Publications $14,328.28
Auxiliary Programs $14,234.73
Athletics $328,374.19
Clubs $3,277.88
TOTAL BUDGET $1,004,034.42



Should you have any questions about the budget process, please do not hesitate to contact us,, 360-596-5407.