Student Clubs & Organizations

The SPSCC Office of Student Life is home to the college’s vibrant and eclectic collection of clubs. Below you’ll find a list of clubs on campus with contact information. For more information on clubs, or starting a new club, come visit Student Life upstairs in the Student Union Building (Building 27).

Clubs & Organizations, A-Z

ASL Club

Purpose: Helps students develop and use American Sign Language skills within the comfort of the deaf community on campus. 
Contact: Raymond Bateh

Automotive Club

Purpose: Helps students gain wider experience in the automotive field outside the class room by participating in Skills USA events and competitions. The club also builds community and high school relations to further strength the link between the Automotive Program, the industry, and the community.
Contact: Alex Wittman

Black Student Union

Purpose: Helps to give black students on campus a community and a safe place for representation. The club also repairs community relations and brings awareness to campus while helping individuals form a stronger sense of self-identity and advocacy. 
Contact: Quinton Neal, Jr. 

Christian Club

Purpose: Providing a time and place for Christians to gather for fellowship and the discussion of Christian ideas. Builds relationships and a sense of community on campus where those of all beliefs are encouraged to come as well. 
Contact: Lynette Rushton

International Students Association

Purpose: Creates a community where both international and domestic students can find common interests, while also helping international students get involved on campus and in communiuty activities. Also enriches cultural competencies of all students by introducing different cultures through multicultural activities. 
Contact: Jenna Thomas and Bin Zhang

Indigenous Arts and Education Club

Purpose: Helps students honor, discuss, and learn about Indigenous ancestors, culture, heritage, and identity. 
Contact: Tusalava Kuaea

Latinx Student Union

Purpose: Empowers the Latino/a and Latinx students to build bridges within the community and create a platform to make their voices heard. 
Contact: Jason Salcedo and Anne Kelly-Glasoe

The Maker Club

Purpose: A space for creators to experiment with mixed media and cutting-edge technologies, gain experience for future opportunities, and participate in a social community of like-minded individuals. 
Contact: Kathleen Ensenat


Purpose: Educates the SPSCC community about what the ever-growing gaming communities are, specifically within video gaming and trading card gaming culture, while offering a glimpse into the type of community gaming creates. 
Contact: Kathryn Alsalman

Nursing Club

Purpose: Introduces students to the nursing profession and explores career opportunities in the realm of nursing.
Contact: Rebecca Swingle

Parent Support Group

Purpose: Designed to help alleviate some of the stress involved in being a student and a parent through a sense of community. Parents with children of all ages who are attending SPSCC are welcome.
Contact: Grace Ramos-Cartagena

Queer Club

Purpose: Establishes a safe and supportive environment for all interested students through education, support, social action, and advocacy, bringing together LGBTQ+ people and straight allies to fight oppression on campus and in the community through the pursuit of knowledge; by educating the community about different sexual and gender identities; and by bringing people together to meet new friends, hang out, and consider different points of view.
Contact: Amanda Ybarra-Rotelli


Purpose: Student Initiated Scientific Research Alliance facilitates student research by providing additional exposure to laboratories, training and peer reviews of proposed research projects. 
Contact: John Schaub

Tomodachi Club

Purpose: Educates students and members of the community about Japanese language and culture.
Contact: Aki Suzuki

Veterans Club

Purpose: Helping improve the lives of all students involved in the imssion of helping veterans and their families.
Contact: Logan Witt and Daniel Eakman