Student Clubs & Organizations

The Office of Student Life is home to a vibrant and eclectic collection of clubs and organizations, listed below with contact information. For more information or to start a new club, visit Student Life upstairs in the Student Union Building (Building 27).

Active Minds

Active Minds is a chapter of a worldwide club with the goal of raising awareness, breaking stigma, and supporting mental illness through events, groups, and social gatherings. Contact: Ross Artwohl, Sally Sharbaugh

Ars Nova Music Club

The Ars Nova Music Club helps students share musical love and knowledge, occasionally discussing the fundamentals of music's role in history and evolution, and supports musical ideas, local music and artists, and having fun. Contact: John Guarente

ASL Club

The ASL Club helps students develop and use American Sign Language skills within the comfort of the deaf community on campus. Contact: Raymond Bateh

Automotive Club

Automotive Club helps students gain wider experience in the automotive field outside the class room by participating in Skills USA events and competitions. The club also builds community and high school relations to further strength the link between the Automotive Program, the industry, and the community. Contact: Alex Wittman and Steve Mcravin

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union helps to give black students on campus a community and a safe place for representation. The club also repairs community relations and brings awareness to campus while helping individuals form a stronger sense of self-identity and advocacy. Contact: Quinton Neal

Chinese Culture Club

The Chinese Culture Club helps both Chinese International Students and people who want to learn Chinese by sharing Chinese and American Culture, Chinese food, movies, and games. Contact: Ting Song

Clipper Christian Fellowship

Clipper Christian Fellowship provides a time and place for Christians to gather for fellowship and the discussion of Christian ideas. It builds relationships and a sense of community on campus where those of all beliefs are encouraged to come as well. Contact: Lynette Rushton

Clipper PoGo Club

Gotta Catch’em All! Clipper PoGo Club are working to help connect students who love Pokémon. Whether you grew up playing it or just got interested recently, we are the club for you. Pokémon Go is a game played and enjoyed best with friends, it has group dynamics built in, and so as students we can work together to catch bigger and stronger Pokémon. We hope to build a community together, both on campus and off, so we can all enjoy the Pokémon Go game as well as all aspects of the Pokémon fandom. Contact: Erin Rust, Aaron Managhan

Gaming Club

Gaming Club provides a safe and welcoming environment for those who wish to participate in gameplay of all forms and to learn new games. Contact: Jesse Pestana

Healthcare Careers Club

Healthcare Careers Club is here to help support our school and community toward healthier lifestyles as future healthcare providers. Contact: Rebecca Swingle

International Students Association

The International Students Association creates a community where both international and domestic students can find common interests, while also helping international students get involved on campus and in community activities. It also enriches cultural competencies of all students by introducing different cultures through multicultural activities. Contact: Jenna Thomas

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa serves our community, promotes leadership skills and provides opportunities for club members to grow as scholars and leaders. Also helps members boost their resumes and college applications. Contact: Gloria Hong

Programming Club

Programming Club teaches programming languages for students new to computer science and develops projects as a club for experienced students. Contact: Gordon Gul

Rainbow Alliance

Rainbow Alliance establishes a safe and supportive environment for all interested students through education, support, social action, and advocacy, bringing together LGBTQ+ people and straight allies to fight oppression on campus and in the community through the pursuit of knowledge; by educating the community about different sexual and gender identities; and by bringing people together to meet new friends, hang out, and consider different points of view. Contact: Lu Swenson

Secret Creative Circle

SPSCC Secret Creative Circle fosters creativity among students. Integrating a wide range of artistic discipline and bringing together all students to collaborate and work alongside their peers. In circles around the campus. Contact: Liza Brenner, Sarah Tavis

SPSCC Women's Soccer Club

The SPSCC Women’s Soccer Club provides an opportunity for women to compete as a soccer club. Contact: Juan Murillo


The STEM Club helps students explore STEM and other related fields on a much deeper level. They inform students of upcoming STEM events and opportunities, field STEM-related questions, and show and receive help on STEM projects and assignments. Contact: John Schaub

Tomodachi Club

The Tomodachi Club provides students and members of the community an opportunity to learn about Japanese language and culture. Contact: Aki Suzuki