Student Life Jobs

Student Senate Jobs & Responsibilities
  • ASB President. An official representative of the Associated Student Body (ASB). Maintains a close working relationship with the Dean of Student Life and serves as liaison to the College Administration.
  • Vice President of Finance. The financial officer for the Student Senate. Maintains a record for the Senate of all expenditures and balances of their accounts. In the absence of the President, will take on the responsibilities of the President.
  • Vice President of Clubs and Organizations. A liaison between the Senate and each chartered club and organization on campus. Assists in the promotion of clubs and organizations and in the coordination of events and activities provided for the ASB. Serves as the Chairperson for the monthly Club Roundtable meetings.
  • Senator of Communications. Facilitates the promotion of Senate operations/events and all other areas of interest and concern through campus communications and social media to keep students informed. Provides administrative support to the Student Senate by preparing agendas and minutes of Senate meetings.
  • Senator for Legislative Affairs. Keeps the ASB aware of all legislative actions that affect higher education and motivates the ASB to take action toward informing the legislature of students’ needs, desires and priorities regarding higher education.
  • Senator for Diversity and Equity Affairs. Serves as liaison representing multicultural interests between the ASB, Student Senate and the College Administration. This Senator keeps the ASB aware of any multicultural workshops, conferences and leadership training opportunities, as well as assisting in the promotion of multicultural, multi-ethnic and diversity awareness on campus. Oversees and provides leadership guidance over the Food Pantry. Maintains relationship with Thurston County Food Bank and orchestrates any drives for the Food Pantry.

Student Senate Responsibilities:
Senate members, along with the ASB President and Vice Presidents, serve to represent every student on campus with the goal of working toward providing the services and resources students need and want. The Student Senate upholds the College's Constitution and bylaws, and acts as a liaison between the administration and the students.

Student Senate Commitment Statement:
We commit ourselves to represent the students of SPSCC and to serve as advocates for the enrichment of student life. The student body of SPSCC is increasingly diverse, and we commit ourselves to serve all constituents to the best of our ability. We are committed to actively learning students' needs and addressing them in the most ethical, effective, caring, and efficient manner possible.

Campus Activities Board Jobs & Responsibilities

The CAB works as a team to provide campus-wide events and activities that promote engagement, inclusion, wellness, and entertainment. Board members plan, promote, and staff events. Board members should be outgoing, energetic, and willing to get students involved. Event planning experience is NOT required.

Student Newspaper Jobs & Responsibilities
  • Student Editor-in-Chief. Helps to interview and hire newspaper staff, leads weekly staff meetings, writes articles and oversees all aspects of the student newspaper. In charge of final editorial approval for each article and issue of The Sounds and web content. Communicates closely with the Sounds advisor.
  • Student Reporter. Collects and analyzes information about newsworthy events and writes stories using interviews, observation and research; organizes material following editorial style and format standards; takes photographs or videos to illustrate stories; builds contacts and sources to use in future stories. Communicates closely with The Sounds editor.
  • Layout Manager. Works closely with The Sounds editor to design, lay out and proofread each issue. Experience with InDesign and/or Web publications (WordPress) preferred.
International Peer Mentor Jobs & Responsibilities

The international peer mentor is a student position that provides support for SPSCC international students. The mentor’s primary role is to help keep international students enrolled at SPSCC (retention) by using college resources to engage, lead, guide, and mentor toward students’ academic goals. There are eight positions available – three for summer 2020 and five for the 2020-21 academic year. Learn more and apply.

Common questions
  • Do I have to be an international student for this position
    No! All students are encouraged to apply who have who have intercultural or global experiences, and that are aware of and passionate about complex issues that international students face.
  • Can I apply for both summer and 2020-21 academic year positions?
    Yes! You can apply for both positions. You will need to complete two different application online, but can upload the same cover letter (you do not need to write two different cover letters).


  • Currently enrolled student
  • Enrolled in minimum 6 credits each quarter
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 of higher
  • Commit to a year-long position
  • Commit to fall training starting August 31, 2020

2021 Timeline

  • April 12 - May 14: Applications open
  • May 14: Application deadline closes
  • May 26: CAB and The Sounds begin initial interviews
  • May 28: Senate interviews and makes recommendations for hires
  • June 4: 2021-22 initial crew is hired with announcement about transition meeting
  • June TBA: Transition Meeting with Current and New Student Life Employees
  • August 30: Fall 2021 training starts. Students must make every attempt to be at training.


Questions about the Student Life positions or the application process should be directed to: Aaron Managhan, 360-596-5212,



Demands on Student Life student staff time are many. After academics, this position should take next priority; therefore, staff are asked to consider potential conflicts with additional employment and consult with Student Life staff regarding work/life balance.

Student Senate hourly wage:
President: $14.19 per hour and work up to 19 hours a week
Vice Presidents: $13.94 per hour and work up to 15 hours a week
Senators: $13.69 per hour and work up to 15 hours a week

Campus Activities Board hourly wage:
Event Coordinator: $13.69 per hour and work up to 15 hours per week

Student Newspaper hourly wage:
Editor: $14.19 per hour and work up to 17 hours a week
Reporter: $13.69 per hour and work up to 10 hours per week