College Placement Test / ACCUPLACER

COVID-19 Impacts

Accuplacer – College Placement Test

During the COVID-19 “Stay Home” order, SPSCC is offering remote Accuplacer testing using Zoom from the safety of your home.  To pay the $25 fee and to schedule your placement testing appointment, please go to Register Blast.

We recommend that you look over Accuplacer study guides and familiarize yourself with using Zoom functions on your computer prior to your scheduled testing time.

While taking the remote placement test, you may not use a tablet, iPad or use Zoom on you cell phone for your testing session. Chrome books have an error that occurs if the student accidentally clicks out of the test. This is something we can work with, however, we would like students to know in advance to help eliminate unnecessary stress.

If you have question for the Assessment/Testing Centers, please email us at

Guided Self Placement (GSP) is an alternative to the Accuplacer (placement test). General admission, Running Start and VA students may take the GSP for summer and fall of 2020. English GSP allows for the highest placement of English 101. At this time, the GSP for math places up to math 097, you may want to take the Accuplacer for math if you want to place at a college level. GPS does not place high enough to qualify Running Start students to take math courses at SPSCC. We recommend that you do the GSP for math and English and then take the ACCUPLACER for just math if you need to place into higher math courses. Taking the math GSP may help you skip a portion of the math ACCUPLACER assessment.

International students do not take GSP for placement. Please email International Student Services for placement direction:

Transition Studies students (ESL, HS+, ABE & GED classes) do not take the GSP for placement. Please contact Transition Studies for placement direction:

Please feel free to contact us at if you are unsure of which program you are in.

The College Placement Test (CPT / ACCUPLACER)

The ACCUPLACER (CPT) assesses your skills in reading and math for proper placement into English and math classes. SPSCC uses the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER, a computer-based assessment, for initial English and math placement when students do not have documentation to meet one of the other placement methods.

  • The test includes a reading section (to determine English placement) and math sections.
  • The assessment is not timed and typically takes an hour and a half if taking both English and math.
  • Calculators are not permitted, but loose pages of scratch paper are allowed. Scratch paper must be destroyed before leaving your testing session.

Test results are available immediately upon completion of the assessment and will be available for class registration the following business day, please allow 24+ hours after completing the placement exam to register.

  • A valid photo ID is needed to be admitted into your testing appointment.
  • Power down cell phone and place away from you while you are testing. Having a cell phone during a testing session will result in your test being stopped. .
  • Email with any questions, concerns or scheduling.

The areas of Next Gen ACCUPLACER placement testing include: (score range between 200-300)

  • Reading Comprehension - 20 questions – the only test required for English placement: 270+ to get into English 101
  • Arithmetic - 20 questions – score a 271+ to go directly into QRAS test
  • Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra & Statistics (QRAS) - 20 questions – score a 271+ to go directly into AAF test
  • Advanced Algebra and Functions (AAF) - 20 questions

Please see our ACCUPLACER practice links below.

Prepare for the Test

Prepare for the test using the links below:

Test Taking Tips

Test Taking Tips

Tip #1: Take Your Time

  • Read all instructions and all questions
  • Pause, stretch your legs, close eyes, etc.

Tip #2: Breathe

  • Breathe in, breathe out, focus
  • Nerves are normal

Tip #3: Do the Sample Questions

  • Treat them like actual test questions

Tip #4: Eliminate Obvious Outliers

  • Process of elimination
  • Best odds possible

Tip #5: Do Practice Questions

  • College Board study app