Degree Plan Request

Degree Plans are designed to help students navigate their degree requirements and build in progression of classes.

Degree Plans are generally required by third party funding sources (ex: Financial Aid, Worker Retraining Program and the Opportunity Grant Program.) You can also request a personal plan.

To request a Degree Plan, you have to complete ALL of the Steps to Enroll and be registered for classes.

If you have completed all of the steps above, you can complete the Degree Plan Request. If you have placed into Adult Basic Education in Math or English, please visit Adult Basic Education for more information about getting started with ABE classes.

We will contact you when your degree plan is complete. We make every effort to return Degree Plans to you in a timely manner. Please be aware during peak times (financial aid application due date, beginning of registration, spring graduation, etc.) that it may take longer than usual to receive your plan. Please submit the form giving adequate leeway for us to return your plan to you!

The individual student is ultimately responsible for his/her educational and life decisions.

Once your plan is complete you will be able to view and print your plan from Degree Audit. If you are required to turn in a copy of your Degree Plan to a third party you will need to print from Degree Audit. Paper copies of Degree Plans are not provided.

Please note:  If you have transcripts for us to evaluate, get copies of all transcripts from other colleges and universities you have attended. You will need to submit official transcripts to have them implemented in your degree program. See Transferring Credits. Keep in mind that transfer evaluations can take up to eight weeks to process, and your Degree Plan cannot be completed without the transfer of credit evaluation completed first.