Available Services

Depending on the nature of your disability and how it impacts your educational experience, services and accommodations, provided on an individually determined basis may include:
  • textbooks in alternative format
  • note takers
  • readers and/or scribes for exams
  • Braille text or e-text
  • use of tape recorders
  • large print text and handouts
  • extended time on exams
  • sign language interpreter
  • use of adaptive equipment/assistive technology
  • preferential seating (e.g. front of classroom, ergonomic chair)
  • real time captioning

Services NOT provided by Access Services

  • Tutoring/individual instruction
  • Personal aides or attendants
  • Personal devices or equipment (e.g. eyeglasses, wheelchairs, hearing aids, guide animals, etc)
  • Diagnostic testing for a Learning Disability
  • Transportation services