Schedule an LSS Visit

Request a tutor to visit your class, or bring your class to us

Learning Support Services encourages faculty to integrate our tutoring services into their syllabi, assignments, and/or class days. The most common way to integrate LSS into classes is through tutor visits or class visits.

In a tutor visit, a tutor comes to your class to give a 15-minute informational overview of SPSCC tutoring services and to answer student questions. In a class visit, you and your students come to one of the tutoring centers for the 15-minute informational overview and Q&A time.

Beyond those types of visit, we welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can support your students based on your course needs. We make every effort to accommodate all requests, but we may be unable to due to limited staffing.

Before submitting your request below, please note:

  • Instructors must submit class visit/workshop requests at least 2 weeks prior to the desired date.
  • Instructors must be present for the visit/workshop.

Request an LSS Visit