Migrate Your @my.spscc.edu Account

All student emails are moving out of @my.spscc.edu to @spscc.edu.

If your student email address ends in @spscc.edu, you are already done!

If you have an @my.spscc.edu account, you can migrate at any time:

  1. Go to https://migrate.spscc.edu
  2. Login using your current @my.spscc.edu account
  3. Follow the instructions to set up your recovery information (outside email account, sms number)
  4. Hit the migrate button
  5. Wait for the migration to complete (up to a couple of minutes)

If the migration was successful, you can immediately log in using your new account. If you are using an on-campus computer, you should log out of the computer entirely, and log in with your new account.

If the migrate tool tells you it can't migrate you, there is an issue with your account. (The most common issue is that you already have an @spscc.edu account) Come see us at our Help Desk (Ground Floor of Building 25) and we'll help you sort it out.

Migrated Accounts:

  • Have network storage (an H: drive) available to store coursework available from any on-campus computer
  • Allow student workers to only use one account instead of two
  • Receive email sent to their old @my.spscc.edu address
  • Have access to the email and O365 documents available to the old @my.spscc.edu account

Future Benefits:

  • Coming in 2018: Single Sign On with Canvas — Use your email credentials to log in to Canvas
  • Coming in 2018: Windows Roaming Profiles — Things on your computer desktop, and various settings follow you to any on-campus computer