Online Math Testing

Testing for online math classes offered at SPSCC is coordinated through the Assessment Center. Students receive a course syllabus from their instructor stating the days and times testing occurs.

  • Online testing occurs on the mid-term and final dates listed on your individual class syllabus.
  • To schedule your online math test click on the link on the Assessment Center page or follow the link on your syllabus. The registration link is
  • You will be able to print out a receipt after you have registered for the exam, please bring the receipt/ticket with you when you come to test.
  • If you want to test early, please visit the Assessment Center or email
  • Should you require accommodations for a testing session, contact Access Services by emailing or calling John Rajcich (360) 596-5306.
  • Online math testing is done in Building 22, Room 201 on the main campus.

If you have further questions, call (360) 596-5376, or email