Course Withdrawals

The Academic Calendar has important dates and deadlines for dropping and withdrawing from courses and any associated refund periods. Note: Days are prorated for Summer Quarter and for classes with non-standard start/end dates.

Student responsibilities

Students unable to attend the first class day of the quarter must notify the instructor or risk the possibility of being dropped from the class. Classes dropped before the tenth instructional day of the quarter are not recorded on student transcripts.

Classes can be dropped (withdrawn) by completing an Add/Drop form and submitting:

  • In person at the One Stop in Building 22-Olympia Campus or in Building 1-Lacey Campus, OR
  • Via email by scanning and emailing to from your account. Emails will be accepted through 11:59 pm on the deadline of the drop/withdrawal date.

Financial aid and withdrawing or dropping classes

Financial Aid students must provide proof of attendance prior to dropping or withdrawing from any classes by completing the Financial Aid Attendance Verification form. The Attendance Verification form must include instructor verification of the last date the student attended the specific class. If the student will not be completing a class, but is too late to withdraw, they are still advised to submit the completed form to the Financial Aid Office.

The amount of time that a student attended a class can impact the potential repayment required. Students may request and submit the form at the One Stop in Building 22-Olympia Campus or in Building 1-Lacey Campus, or via email to Enrollment Services,, or Financial Aid,

Petition for Policy Exception (PPE)

To request that an exception to the withdrawal and/or refund policy be reviewed by the Enrollment Services staff, you will need to complete the Petition for Policy Exception (PPE) form. It can be approved only when the circumstance for the request is due to illness, death of an immediate family member, military service, hardship, or when there is documented evidence of institutional error (refer to the form for detailed exception categories).