Assessment Center

COVID-19 Impacts

In Person Testing Services

The Assessment Center has limited in person testing available by appointment only on Mondays & Wednesdays beginning February 1, 2021. Our office has coordinated to allow for different exams to be offered in our center while safely practicing social distancing. All exams must be scheduled prior to coming to our center to ensure a safe and controlled number of testers. Appointments can be made for exams by following the directions listed in each exam area below. Masks are required while on campus and testers should review the Health Self-Assessment the day of testing and complete the Activity Tracking form after concluding business on campus. Testers should keep a close watch on their email leading up to (and including) the day of their exam in case your exam is cancelled. We encourage individuals to utilize our online proctoring services when possible. The following exams are available for online proctoring:

  • Guided Self Placement
  • Placement Test/Accuplacer
  • GED Test (Register through Pearson VUE at
  • Outside Proctoring (for approved online testing)
  • Make-up and Accommodated exams for SPSCC Courses (for approved online testing)
If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

Assessment Center

The Assessment Center at SPSCC is located at the Olympia Campus in Bldg. 22, 2nd Floor (Center for Student Success). We offer a variety of testing and assessment services on both the Olympia and Lacey campuses as well as online. Here you will find information about the variety of services that we offer both prospective and current SPSCC students.

To view a full list of assessment options for placement in English and math at SPSCC, please visit our Placement and Transfer of Credit page.

When coming to our Assessment Center for an in-person test:

  • you must have valid photo ID to be admitted for testing; and
  • cell phones must be turned off and placed away from you while you are testing. Having a cell phone during a testing session will result in your test being stopped.

Assessment Center Exams

Guided Self Placement

Guided Self Placement (GSP) is a questionnaire that helps you identify your correct English or math class placement. The questionnaire will guide you through a series of questions and activities where you will reflect on your prior experience with reading, writing and/or math. The GSP is free, completed completely online, and will help you make an informed decision about your placement and which courses you will be successful and challenged.

At this time, the GSP for math places up to math 097, so you may want to take the ACCUPLACER for math if you want the opportunity to place at college level. We recommend that you do the GSP for math and English first and then take the College Placement Test (ACCUPLACER) for just math if you need to place into higher math courses.  By completing the Math GSP first you will bypass the first section of the math Accuplacer exam.

Running Start students: GSP Math does not place high enough to qualify Running Start students to take math courses at SPSCC that are tuition free. We recommend Running Start students use the College Placement Test (ACCUPLACER) option for math placement if you do not have other math-based documentation for review.

Under age students: Do not take the GSP for English or math placement.  Under age students are required to take the Accuplacer exam.

International students: Do not take the GSP for English or math placement. Please email International Student Services for placement direction:

Transition Studies students (ESL, HS+, ABE & GED® classes): Do not take the GSP for English or math placement. Please contact Transition Studies for placement direction:

Completing Guided Self Placement (GSP):

The GSP can be completed online from anywhere in your mySPSCC portal. Select "GSP Surveys" under "My Academics".

Before taking the GSP, you must set up your SPSCC email, which takes approximately 48 hours after applying to SPSCC. Placement will be displayed immediately after finishing the questionnaire, and will be available online for class registration by the end of the next business day.

Placement Test / ACCUPLACER

The College Placement Test (sometimes called CPT or ACCUPLACER) assesses your skills in reading and math for initial placement into English and math classes.

There is a $25 fee to take the College Placement Test. Re-testing options are available, please ask the Assessment staff for more information after completing the exam for the first time.

We recommend using the CPT only if none of the other Placement Options works for you.

The test includes a reading section (to determine English placement) and math sections. The assessment is not timed and typically takes an hour and a half if taking both English and math. Calculators are not permitted, but loose pages of scratch paper are allowed. Scratch paper must be destroyed before leaving your testing session.

Test results are available immediately upon completion of the assessment and will be available for class registration the following business day, please allow 24+ hours after completing the placement exam to register.

Remote Testing Services

We are offering remote ACCUPLACER testing using Zoom from the safety of your home. To pay the $25 fee and to schedule your placement testing appointment, please go to Register Blast.

We recommend that you look over ACCUPLACER study guides and familiarize yourself with using Zoom functions on your computer prior to your scheduled testing time.

It is best to take the College Placement test from a Windows or Mac computer or laptop. You may not use a tablet, iPad, or use Zoom on your cell phone for your testing session. Chromebooks have an error that occurs if the student accidentally clicks out of the test. This is something we can work with, however, we would like students to know in advance to help eliminate unnecessary stress.

If you have question for the Assessment/Testing Centers, please email us at

In Person Testing Services

We are not currently allowing online scheduling for ACCUPLACER testing. If you are unable to complete the ACCUPLACER remotely, please reach out to us at

Net Gen ACCUPLACER Testing Areas

(score range between 200-300)

  • Reading Comprehension - 20 questions – the only test required for English placement: 270+ to get into English 101
  • Arithmetic - 20 questions – score a 271+ to go directly into QRAS test
  • Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra & Statistics (QRAS) - 20 questions – score a 271+ to go directly into AAF test
  • Advanced Algebra and Functions (AAF) - 20 questions

Prepare for the Test

Prepare for the test using the links below:

Test Taking Tips

Tip #1: Take Your Time

  • Read all instructions and all questions
  • Pause, stretch your legs, close eyes, etc.

Tip #2: Breathe

  • Breathe in, breathe out, focus
  • Nerves are normal

Tip #3: Do the Sample Questions

  • Treat them like actual test questions

Tip #4: Eliminate Obvious Outliers

  • Process of elimination
  • Best odds possible

Tip #5: Do Practice Questions

  • College Board study app or any other practice tests listed above
GED Test

What it is & how it's scored

The High School Equivalency Test (GED®) is earned by successfully passing the following timed examinations:

  1. Reasoning Through Language Arts - 155 minutes
  2. Mathematical Reasoning - 120 minutes
  3. Science - 95 minutes
  4. Social Studies - 75 minutes

High School Equivalency Test (GED®) scores are reported in two ways: standard scores and percentile ranks.

Passing scores for the High School Equivalency Test (GED®) are established by the State of Washington. Currently a standard of 145 is a minimum requirement on each test; this is a 580 total on all four exams. There are different types of questions on the exams, which include multiple choice, short answers, fill-in-the-blank and essay questions.

Prepare to take the GED® test

Study materials are available for purchase through MyGED®. The official practice test is also available for a $6 per test fee.

Study materials are also available with a Timberland Regional Library (TRL) library card via the TRL Learning Express Library (search High School Equivalency Center and GED).

High School Equivalency Test (GED®) preparation classes are available through SPSCC Transition Studies. To enroll in these classes, call 360-596-5317.

Register, schedule, pay, and take the GED® test

  1. Register at Go to to register, pay, practice, and schedule the test. Create a profile by entering your email address and a password. Register by selecting 'South Puget Sound Community College–Mottman Campus'. If you are scheduling all four tests together, schedule breaks between each test (10-minute breaks are allowed within the testing area).

  2. Pay in advance. Test fees are $30.00 for each test and $120.00 total for all four High School Equivalency Tests (GED®). This fee must be pre-paid on Walk-in testers may pay with cash, credit or debit card at our One Stop desk.

  3. Bring approved photo ID. GED candidates must have valid photo identification: Driver’s License, Passport, State ID, Military ID, Veterans ID, Tribal ID, or Court ID. Your ID must be current and include a Washington State address and signature.

  4. Complete Approval to Test form. If you are under the age of 19, complete an Approval to Test Form, available at any local high school, and signed by a school official in your district and a parent/guardian. If you are homeschooled, you need a Notarized Statement Letter, available in the testing center. You will be blocked from registering on until the Assessment Center receives this form. We accept faxed or scanned forms that are signed on official letterhead by the designated high school staff.

  5. Arrive early. Testing is held in the Assessment Center in Building 22, Suite 201, on the second floor at the opposite end from the library. Child care is not available and children are not allowed in the test sessions. If a tester is more than 15 minutes late, the testing center will determine whether the test will be given. This decision is based on the availability of a computer and the length of the test. If we are unable to accommodate a late tester, the test will not be taken, the payment will be forfeited, and the test must rescheduled with GED.

  6. Request accommodations. GED® testing accommodations are for students with a documented disability. Requests are handled during the registration process through If you have questions about the accommodation process, contact the Assessment Center before registering online for the test, email or call 360-596-5376.

  7. Allow 24 hours to cancel. If scheduling online, allow 24 hours for cancellation. If a test is not cancelled 24 hours prior to your test date, or if you fail to attend a scheduled exam, there is no refund and your payment will be forfeited. If you need to reschedule your test, login to or call 1-877-392-6433.

  8. Check your scores. Once you complete the test, you may go to your MYGED® ( to see your scores. Please allow at least 3 hours for your scores to appear. If they have not posted after 48 hours, please contact Pearson VUE at 1-877-392-6433.

Get test results and transcripts

Results are emailed to the test taker as early as 30 minutes after the test is completed, and up to 48 hours after. Upon successful completion of all four subject areas, a link to the Official Transcript is emailed to the student. Copies of Transcripts can be obtained by:

  • GED earned prior to 2002:
    Visit GED Test Verify for a free transcript.
  • GED earned 2002-present:
    Request your transcript at for a fee.

Register for GED® Test

College Level Exam Placement (CLEP)

The College Level Exam Program allows students to show proficiency in certain subjects. Check with your institution to see what exams they will accept and the minimum score you must achieve. If you are a SPSCC student, refer to the SPSCC CLEP acceptance policy.

Candidates must first register and pay for their CLEP exams at Then, go to RegisterBlast and complete the steps to make an appointment at our Center.

  • Bring your CLEP Registration ticket.
  • Bring a valid government-issued ID.
  • Power down all cell phones (phones are not allowed with testers during exams, storage is available).
  • Email with any questions or concerns.

Program Specific Exams

Automotive Service Excellence Certification Test (ASE)

ASE / Prometric Testing: Candidates register and pay for exams at Prometric before making an appointment for proctoring at our Center. To schedule a test time for taking your exam at SPSCC, go to RegisterBlast and complete the steps. ASE / Prometric exams are only offered at our Olympia Campus, Building 22, Suite 201. There are no walk-in times for ASE Certification exams.

  • Bring a valid government-issued ID.
  • Bring your ASE / Prometric number with you.
  • Power down cell phone (phones are not allowed with testers during exams, storage is available).
  • Email with any questions or concerns.

Take the TEAS test from the safety of your home. To keep your testing session as stress-free as possible, take your time completing the steps below. Check the technical requirements for your computer and troubleshoot any problems prior to the day of the test. If you need technical support, contact ATI at 1-800-667-7531.

About the ATI TEAS Test

The ATI TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is designed specifically to assess a students’ preparedness entering the health science fields. The ATI TEAS Test will be administered as a part of your basic admissions requirements. The ATI TEAS Test is similar to the SAT or ACT; however, it is designed specifically for health science schools like Nursing or Allied Health. The score you receive on the ATI TEAS Test will help schools determine your readiness for a Nursing or Allied Health program.

The ATI TEAS Test is comprised of 170 questions set up in a multiple-choice format. Questions are designed to test the basic academic skills you will need to perform in class in the areas of: Reading, Math, Science and English and Language Usage.

Learn more about the ATI TEAS Test.

1. Create an account with ATI at – Keep good records of you user name and password; they will be necessary to take the TEAS and to access your test results.

2. Register and pay for the TEAS through your ATI account – Select the online store, chose ‘Register for the TEAS’. You will choose SPSCC as your remote testing location. You will receive a confirmation email from ATI showing your scheduled date and time for the TEAS.

3. Carefully read the Student Quick Start Guide and follow the directions to be sure that you and your computer are ready for the TEAS assessment using Proctorio; this must be done prior to your testing day. If your computer is not ready before your scheduled exam, you will miss out on your scheduled test time and have to contact ATI for further directions. For technical support, please call ATI at 1-800-667-7531.

4. Watch the Proctorio Student Orientation Video. More helpful information can be found at ATI TEAS Exam with Proctorio.

For help with ATI accounts, technical requirements and scheduling questions, please contact ATI.

If you have questions for the SPSCC Assessment Center, please contact

SPSCC Nursing

5. After you register for the TEAS with ATI, you will receive an email from our office about a week before the exam. If you are able to register less than a week before the exam, you will receive your email the following business day. It is imperative that you have followed the ATI resources to ensure your computer is ready and you know how to locate the exam prior to your scheduled testing day.


The CASAS Exam is used for placement in the following programs:

New students and returning students after an absence of two or more quarters must complete a reading and math CASAS assessment to determine their placement level prior to registering for an ABE, ESL, GED® Prep or I-BEST English or math course.

If a student wishes to enroll in an ABE or I-BEST course, they must demonstrate eligibility for ABE levels by taking the CASAS assessments and scoring within those levels.  In the case that a student has taken CASAS assessments and does not meet the minimum eligibility for an ABE course, a student may request instructor permission to enroll in that course based on previous course work or a writing sample.

For ESL, most students complete the ESL CASAS Oral Screen and ESL Placement Writing Assessment during an information session.  Students with extremely limited English or literacy skills can be offered the CASAS Reading paper assignment.

For HS+ and GED® courses, a student must score at Advanced Basic Skills (ABE level 4) or above.  If a student does not place at ABE level 4 or above, the student may start working in ABE English, ABE Math or ESL courses until eligible for HS+ or GED® levels.

Currently CASAS testing is NOT required for most transition programs.  Please contact the Transition Studies office for more information.

Other Exams

Outside Proctoring for Other Colleges or Universities

The Assessment Center offers online scheduling and payment of proctored exams, for students attending another college who need to have a test proctored.

Students are responsible for ensuring that their participating college or university accepts the SPSCC Assessment Center as a proctor and is able to send the exam to us in time for your scheduled appointment. This includes any proctor verification forms your institution may require.

If the exam is a paper and pencil exam, allow up to 10 days for shipping, unless your institution provides expedited shipping.

Candidates register and pay for exams at RegisterBlast.

  • Bring a valid government-issued ID.
  • Power down cell phone (phones are not allowed with testers during exams, storage is available).
  • Email with any questions or concerns.
Make-up and Accommodated Exams for SPSCC Courses

Students are responsible to schedule enough time for their instructor to provide testing materials to the Assessment Center. Please schedule your exam at least 24 hours in advance.

  • Email with your name, class, instructor, and the date and time you would like to schedule.
  • We will respond to your email quickly during our hours of operation.
  • Once we confirm your appointment, notify your instructor of the appointment time, so they can coordinate sending us the testing materials. Your instructor can send the information early; we will store and secure the exam until your scheduled date.