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Rewarding Research: Meet Alumna Beth Gallatin

November 22, 2022

“The most rewarding part of research is confirming what you know with math,” said Beth Gallatin, SPSCC alumna and former research student. Last year, Beth and her research team chose to conduct research related to SPSCC’s Nursing program.

“There were a lot of questions my research team wanted to answer, one of them being ‘Is there a way we can better support student success in the NCLEX?’ Making efforts to answer that question to help both the program and future students was an amazing experience.”

Getting there in her college career was another amazing experience.

Cybersecurity & Network Administration

August 11, 2022

Aaron Sabey has always been passionate about computers. At SPSCC, he has continued to expand his knowledge as a student in the Information Technology pathway and is prepared to enter the workforce to help others keep their devices and data safe.

Push Play with EJ Frazier

June 7, 2022

“Over the last two years, I have not only worked on transitioning into a career that I have always had a love for, I have also transitioned into someone who is happy to look into the mirror.”

EJ Frazier came to SPSCC in his thirties to get ready for a career he’s always wanted: Automotive Technology. At four years old, EJ was introduced to the world of rebuilding classic cars and it was love at first sight.

Loud and Proud

May 6, 2022

Meet Avian

Finding a place of belonging is an incredibly special experience. It’s not something that happens overnight and may take months, even years, of searching. But, when you do find that place or group of people that welcomes and celebrates you, you create connections that last a lifetime.

Push Play with Ava Ford

April 15, 2022

“When I dance, my stresses in life go to the side and I focus on the prize.”

Ava Ford’s world revolves around dancing. As the co-captain of Olympia High School’s dance team, she was dedicated to finding a way to prioritize both her passion and her education.

Research Your Way: Meet Alec Anderson

February 8, 2022

“Practical experience [in research] is important because you don’t get everything you need just from taking classes and doing coursework,” said SPSCC research student Alec Anderson. “Research isn’t confined to a lab. There’s a lot of different contexts you can perform it in.”

Pathway to a Certified Public Accountant

February 7, 2022

Peter Menichelli took accounting classes at SPSCC from 2010-11 to prepare for the CPA exam. Now, he's the owner and CPA at Menichelli & Associates, a firm dedicated to helping their clients and growing future CPAs through paid internships and more.


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