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A Moving Experience

Faculty recently received a notice from Lily Kun in our college library about new films added to our Films on Demand subscription for our collective use. I will make the confession here that I usually pay little attention to such notices because past experience indicates that there is usually precious little of interest to me or my classes. For whatever reason, this time I decided to flip through the titles. I was rewarded by finding a film called the Rape of Nanking which documents the career of Iris Chang, the author of a controversial book on this subject.


Baseball Memories and Other Observations

My wife finally got her way.  I recently cleaned out our storage room and worked through everything, identifying the good, the bad and the ugly.  As always, there was a bunch of stuff that could be sold and I have since worked steadily to list the items on Ebay.  Among the items I found was a collection of my childhood baseball mitts.  I initially wanted to list them too on Ebay, but valuations were hard to come by, making a realistic asking price tough to determine.  I decided to ponder the dilemma overnight and in doing so, I realized that each mitt had stories to tell and memories to tri


What the Heck Happened?

Like most of you, I was taken by surprise by the election of Donald Trump on Tuesday night.  I took it as a given that the negative pounding that Hillary gave him shook many undecided voters, a pounding powered by a multi-million dollar war chest contributed by deep pocketed donors.  She had the media in her pocket, and armies of supporters ready to launch a powerful “ground game” on election day.  With all of these advantages, what could go wrong?



The Night They Drove Our Democracy Down

Like many people I meet, I am totally depressed about our upcoming election.  Unlike a lot of them, I think it is a very big deal.  Beneath the rancor and name calling, may lie a hidden agenda that signals the end of democracy as we know (or knew) it.

One of the things I am good at- or so I am told – is making connections between events.  Individually, events don’t mean much, but woven into a logical whole, a pattern emerges.  Call me crazy, but I see just such a pattern in the current election.

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