Adam Jones

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Personal Statement: 

I believe there is nothing more important than education.  Whether learning from your own experiences or attending an institution of higher learning you are empowering yourself with every lesson learned.  Education is not just the antithesis of ignorance; it is armor against baseless fear, apathy, and misinformation. 

My time at South Puget Sound Community College has shown me the price that students are willing to pay in pursuit of that education.  When a student attends classes despite all of the other pressures in their lives and on their time they deserve to be supported as fully as possible, and it is in pursuit of that goal that I find myself dedicating my own education. Teaching and tutoring non-traditional students is the purpose I did not know I had until I was one myself and found great pride and self-respect in finishing my associate's degree at SPSCC and my bachelor's at The Evergreen State College. Everyone deserves that same chance at success.