Heather Hendricks

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I had always dreamed of going to college for as long as I can remember, however life happens and my education was put on hold after high school. I didn’t begin my educational journey until I became unemployed and struggled to find new employment in 2013-2014. I remember walking on campus for the first time and feeling scared, overwhelmed and confused. I wasn’t sure where I was supposed to go or what questions to ask, but I wanted it so badly I pushed through my fears and completed my Associates of Applied Science in Office Administration in June 2016. Now, I am working on a few pre-requisites before I transfer to an online program for my Bachelor degree.

In the Fall of 2014 I started the first work-study position in the Advising Center. By March of 2015, I moved up to become the first part-time Office Assistant to the Advising Center. Beginning June 2017, I became the first full-time Office Assistant for the Call Center. I have a passion for helping students navigate the maze of entering college. My motto has always been, “If I can’t help get you the answers you need I will find the person who can.”

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