Kayana Hoagland

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Personal Statement: 

Most of my classes are face-to-face participation-oriented classes because I value the discussion aspect of teaching, the interactions between students working together, and allowing time for concepts to sink in. My classes are designed to utilize and teach important vocabulary while engaging students in problem-solving situations. My goal is to have every student in my class learn something everyday. Since we all are at slightly different levels with different background strengths and weaknesses that is quite a challenge I set out for myself. I want you to get your money's worth for your educational dollars. I encourage questions and participation.

I believe that developing confidence in math will be important to your future. It often opens doors that you can't predict at this point in time. I strive to be a consistent teacher with very few if any absences, to be organized, and to be there for you when and if you need extra help. I expect the same from you! Come to class, be organized, committ to producing your best work, and seek help from the math center, myself or a peer study group when you need it.

Most of my courses have minimal costs as I am working towards using Open Educational Resources and materials that I have developed at a cost to you of around $10-$15. To be successful in my courses you need to come to class, have access to the internet for daily information and communication, have a scientific calculator, be organized, and pay attention to detail.

If you have troubles with math the reasons may be many: moving often between school districts or states, dropping out of school, being distracted by drugs or alcohol, having poor quality math instruction, lacking motivation, or being away from the classroom for a long period of time. If you are a hard worker and dedicated to building the skills you want for the future you seek, I would love to help you achieve your goals.

Maybe I'll see you in a future course!


Grew up in Seattle, WA

Attended Mercer Island High School

Graduated University of Puget Sound double major; math and economics

Taught at San Benito High School (Hollister, CA) 5 years math grades 9-12

Graduated Humboldt State University; double major Math Modeling and Fisheries

Thesis:  Stochastic Model of abalone populations for the Baja Fishing cooperative to use in setting regulatory policy

Math Professor South Puget Sound Community College since 1994


I'm an outdoor person at heart. I like to hike, camp, bike ride, kayak, run, play ping-pong, tennis, squash, racketball, and travel.

I value diversity and have friends of all different cultures, colors, orientations and backgrounds.

I have two long-haired dachshounds (Reeses Pieces and Laffy Taffy). They are black and tan sisters, age 13. One is dappled.

I am married to Professor Richard Hoagland (CIS/CS). We have a daughter at MIT who attended Lincoln Options, NOVA, and Olympia High School)

See you around town at Dirty Daves, Oly Tap Room, or the Farmer's Market