Privacy Policy for SPSCC Scavenger Hunt mobile app

This app is owned and maintained by South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC).

Camera data is stored on the user’s phone for personal use and review. Camera data is not tracked or retransmitted in any way and is not stored in the App.  The user can view selfies in the App or by opening them from the save folder of their phone.  The user may delete selfies on their phone by navigating to the appropriate folder and deleting the images.

Location data is used to mark your current location and the buildings you have visited.  While you use the App, Google has access to your GPS location.  This is needed to update the map display and determine building boundary crossings.  Google is responsible for how it stores, shares, and protects your location data in accordance with its own policies, including the privacy policy at


Any data that is shared by the user will not be tracked or retransmitted by SPSCC.  Because all data is stored locally on the phone, or used moment-to-moment by an application programming interface (API), SPSCC data breaches are not a concern.


This Privacy Policy is subject to change and updates will be posted on-line as available. This policy is effective 4/1/2019.