Meg Estep Woolf

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Personal Statement: 

Why I work at SPSCC?  Access to education is so important.  After working to help transfer students adjust to UW-Seattle and first-generation students to community college, I came to realize that complex systems and barriers faced by new students could be part of the solution, rather than the problem.  My work in Outreach revolves around making sure the people, publications, messages, webpages--and systems!--they encounter are helpful and succinct.  I’m proud to work at a stellar college such as SPSCC and to participate in the important work of ensuring students of all backgrounds have access to the education they deserve, to change their lives as they choose.


One of my favorite things to do:  I love ceramics.  I love to work with clay and make things—vases, bowls, Loch Ness Monster creatures, anything!  I love the artistic outlet and that cool, calming feeling of wet clay on hands.  I’ve taken ceramics classes both at community college and UW-Seattle.  The ceramics facilities and professors that SPSCC has are as superior as a 4-year school!  It is just one of the amazing resources for students here.

Tips for prospective students:

  • Believe in yourself.
  • Sometimes the first is the hardest step to take; but time will fly if you just get started.
  • Going (back) to school can be intimidating and overwhelming; we promise that will pass!
  • Give yourself permission to explore different classes to find out what you’re good at.
  • Utilize your outreach/admissions staff—we are here to support you through the process!

Bachelor’s Degrees: Speech Communication & Political Science, University of Washington-Seattle
Masters Degrees: Master of Public Administration, University of Washington-Seattle