Robin Leeson

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I started my career as an Instructional Designer in 2010, with the Department of Veteran Affairs. The first course I was ever asked to build was an online course on how to properly draw and label blood, which was not how I planned to use my English degree. Luckily, I had a great subject matter expert with whom to work, and I have continued to work with faculty and staff to build courses ever since. I have a BA in English LIterature from the University of North Carolina, as well as two Masters degrees, both attained fully online--an MA in Adult Education from the University of Phoenix, and an MA in English & Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. I have been with SPSCC since August 2016, when my husband and I moved to Olympia from Asheville, NC. I also currently adjunct for the college on top of my regular duties, teaching HDEV 101 and ENGL 098/101 in face-to-face and online formats.