Campus Closure

Inclement Weather & College Closures

There are times when inclement weather, natural disasters, power outages or other incidents can disrupt the operation of the college. If no announcements are made, we are operating normally.

What you should do

When potential weather disruptions exist, all college staff and students should monitor the Omnilert messaging system or listen to local radio stations for possible closure information or other instructions.

Decisions regarding college closure will normally be made by 5:30 a.m. on the day in question with messaging sent via Omnilert. Decisions regarding evening classes may be made later in the day and might not observe the same type of closure as day classes. Public Relations will post announcements on the college website and social media.

College closure messages

The following messages may be used depending on conditions present.
Olympia Campus and Lacey Campus Closed The Olympia campus and Lacey Campus are closed to all students, employees and visitors.
Olympia Closed The Olympia campus is closed to all students, employees and visitors. Lacey Campus is open for contract training only.
Classes Canceled Evening classes are canceled.  No classes after 5 p.m.
Late Start at Both Sites The Olympia campus and Lacey Campus will open late.  The campuses open at 9:30 a.m.; the class schedule begins with your 10 a.m. class.
Late Start at Olympia The Olympia campus will open late.  The campus opens at 9:30 a.m.; the class schedule begins with your 10 a.m. class.  Lacey Campus contract training runs as normal.
On Time The college is open.  Classes will begin on time.

Campus closure procedures

In the event of inclement weather with the potential for college closure, the Facilities Supervisor will decide on a maintenance response or snow removal. Security personnel will notify IT Services and Puget Sound Energy of any power outages. If necessary, the on duty Security Officer will close and lock campus entrance gates and notify Intercity Transit for any bus detours. The Security and/or Facilities Director will contact the VP of Admin Services to provide an assessment regarding delay or closure. The VP or designated Chief Executive will make the final delay or closing decision, and advise Public Relations.

When the Olympia Campus is closed for emergency purposes, the gates at the Crosby Road, Mottman Road and the 29th Street entrances will be locked. Only essential personnel will be allowed on campus. Essential personnel are those people who are requested by their supervisor to come to work while the campus is closed, please call Security at 596-5299 prior to coming to campus.

For more information, see Emergency Operations Plan Procedure and College Closure/Inclement Weather Policy.