Work Study Program

What is Work Study?

The Work Study program is federally and state funded that helps students with financial need through on and off-campus jobs which are relevant to a student’s major or career interest. There are a select number of Work Study positions at SPSCC each year.

  • It is a need-based financial aid award.
  • It is not a grant (you must work to earn it), and it is not a loan (you don't have to pay it back).
  • There is limited funding so the program is available on a first come, first served basis.
  • A work study award does not guarantee employment, you must complete the steps below.
What to do if awarded Work Study — Work Study Hiring Processes

If awarded Work Study, follow the steps below. Contact Career Services, Building 22, Suite 250, 360-596-5567,, for assistance or to complete new hiring paperwork if you are being rehired as a Work Study.

State and Federal Work Study

  1. Request a Work Study Authorization Form from Career Services via
  2. Search and apply for Work Study jobs using Clippers4Hire.
  3. When interviewing with the employer, please bring the Work Study Authorization Form with you. If offered the job, ask the employer to complete the bottom portion of the form.
  4. If hired, bring the completed Work Study Authorization Form to the Career Services Center to pick up a hiring packet.
  5. Once you and your supervisor have received a Stamped Cleared to Work message from the Career Services Center, you can begin your first day of work.

WorkFirst Work Study

  1. The WorkFirst Work Study Coordinator forwards a referral form to the Career Service Center.
  2. Student creates a profile on Clippers4Hire and review current work study job postings.
  3. Career Service Center completes intake with student and provides a Work Study Authorization Form for student to take to interviews.
  4. Student takes the WSAF to the Career Service Center in order to pick up a hiring packet.
  5. Student takes the WSAF and hiring packet to Human Resources for processing.
  6. Once the student and supervisor receive a Stamped Cleared to Work message from the WSECU Center for Career Services, the student can officially begin working.
Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study positions are generally located on the SPSCC campus. These positions are not required to be related to a student's major and pay the current minimum wage.

Federal Community Service jobs are also available off campus.  FCS employers are reimbursed a percentage of the student's salary. The rate of pay is comparable to that of other employees in that organization engaged in similar work. Contact the WSECU Center for Career Services if you are interested in a Federal Work Study position.

WorkFirst Work Study

WorkFirst Work Study (WFWS) positions are generally located on the SPSCC campus.  These positions are available to students who are participants in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Family (TANF) program.  The WorkFirst Program Specialist must forward a referral for WFWS participants to the WSECU Center for Career Services.